Learn Conversion Marketing in my next book

Written by Alex Harris

Welcome, optimizers. This is a new show from my main podcast. The content has been incredible from my amazing guests.

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Thanks for joining me for another episode of the Marketing Optimization Podcast.

As you know, I’m Alex Harris. Been doing this for a long time. I’ve had you guys here listening to so many different episodes. This one’s going to be a little bit different. I’m just gathering my thoughts and getting feedback for specific things I’m actually working on. Last year I had the opportunity to launch my first book on Amazon. It did really well. It met my expectations, but this year I really want to just take it up another notch and try to outdo that book even further.

I’m happy to say that I’m more than 75% done with my next book. It’s really based on almost everything I’ve learned not only from this podcast and talking to the great people on the show, but taking that and applying that to my own framework.

I got started doing this in 2000, and man, I really thought I always knew everything about what I was doing. Then in 2011 I finally left that job and I learned that I basically needed to relearn everything that I needed to do.

It wasn’t until I really started to interview some of the top experts in the space, I realized that what they were doing was very similar to what I had been always doing. There was never any formality or methodology to really what I was doing. I was really just shooting at the hip.

That’s what my next book is really going to be all about. It’s focused on how I use my system in conversion optimization to get bigger profits, to make better decisions, and grow small businesses faster, mostly specifically for eCommerce sites.

What I really learned is how to remove all the unnecessary steps. I built a foundation on everything that Bryan Eisenberg taught all of us, because he’s the godfather of conversion. Then I applied what I was doing through my landing pages and my eCommerce sites to this specific framework. That’s what my next book’s all about.

The problem I’m having is that I’m trying to really figure out the right title for the book. Originally I started out … it was what you’d call marketing optimization. A lot of people said that was too techie or whatever. I’m really asking you right now if you can help me. I need some help and feedback for the book. That’s what conversion’s all about. I need some qualitative feedback.

I’m asking you to give me your opinion on some book titles that I’m thinking about. If you have other ideas for book titles, please let me know as well. If you visit the website alexdesigns.com/feedback you can fill out a Survey and give me some specific feedback on the titles that I’ve already put together.

The book, it’s in the making and I’m working on it to actually optimize it to make it easier and simpler and enjoyable to make this stuff that we do sexy. It’s not really but I’m trying here. I really want to have this done by the end of February and moving into getting it marketed before I start going to all these different conferences.

The book is going to be the framework for not only how I help clients make more money and I do my conversion optimization, but it’s also a big part of the public speaking talks that I’m going to be giving. I’m going to be talking at the Conversion Conference in May. I’m talking at conversionworld.co on the online virtual summit. I really want to nail down my framework and have everything revolved around what I’m doing in this process.

You will get everything I’ve learned until this point, because what I’m going to be doing next is I’m actually going to be taking my knowledge even further. I’ve found just really in the last couple weeks not only that there’s so much more to lean, there’s always more to learn, but that I really can dig even deeper. I can charge more money. I can get better clients. I can find better opportunities if I continue to master this craft. It’s a science, but it’s definitely an art form, too. Me as a web designer, as an artist, I really want to master conversion. I want to know as much as my peers at least, and I want to continue to make this better.

Please let me know what you think of these book titles at alexdesigns.com/feedback. Thank you.

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