Lead generation: My second presentation at Pubcon 2015

Written by Alex Harris

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to Pubcon 2015 in Las Vegas as one of the speakers. Pubcon gathers the best and the brightest optimizers from different industries all over the world, and I had a great time interacting with search, PPC, content, email marketing, and search engine optimizers.

Aside from the 8-hour training I conducted alongside Jeffrey Eisenberg, I also made a presentation that focused on lead generation. My presentation highlighted lead generation as the primary source of acquiring new clients for many businesses, as well as the many tips and tricks that business owners can implement to strengthen their lead generation results. The session also covered techniques, from traffic acquisition to reselling leads.

I was excited with my talk because I had tons of examples and case studies to share. I arrived early at the venue to set up my presentation on the PC – I normally don’t use Powerpoint, so I wanted to make sure that everything was set up properly. While preparing, I met the moderator Mindy from Bruce Clay and the second speaker, Michael King from IPullRank. We were chatting about rapping the intro to our talk – I offered to beat box the intro and Mindy could rap, then Michael could jump in the flow. Of course, we didn’t do that – not yet, at leat. Maybe next year, Mindy, Mike, and myself will rock the stage with some jams, so that’s something you all can look forward to.

Wrong timing, Murphy’s Law

You know what they say about Murphy’s Law – when you least need it or expect it, everything that could go wrong will go wrong. I definitely had a dose of such luck and at the worst timing during my presentation. Whenever I started the presentation in full screen, it was starting a slide show and would automatically advance, which made my flow a little “off” during my talk. It also caused some disturbance in the flow of my presentation.

On top of that, the PC I was using was also skipping my slides two or three at a time, so I needed to constantly go back, thus messing up my flow even further. The frustrating part was that I practiced the presentation a lot prior to this event, so the disruptions were really annoying. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have just prepared for everything that could go right – I should have prepared for everything that could go wrong as well. Lesson learned the slightly hard way.


Pulling through, and other optimization-related life lessons

Despite the setbacks, I was able to pull off the presentation quite well. It was a great learning experience, and it taught me that if you can identify in advance the things that could go wrong, then you can do your best to avert it or make better decisions in the future. I don’t use Powerpoint often, nor PCs – there was no way I was going to buy a PC just for that presentation, but in hindsight I could have easily tried to re-engineer the issues that I had to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

This is the type of real-life optimization that you have to do for yourself if you want to get better in life. As an introvert, I am not a natural speaker, and speaking in front of audiences can be uncomfortable, but I have never used this as an excuse – instead I use that quality to push me to get better. I optimize on how to fix that issue and move on. The fun part about public speaking and being an entrepreneur is constantly learning from mistakes to have more wins.

After returning home from Vegas and writing this article, I received a few emails and tweets that people ended up liking my presentation and the different dynamic between my more basic presentation and Michael King’s more advanced lead generation strategy. That is what why I love presenting and experimenting with different idea s to help get the audience what they need to take back to the office and start trying themselves. Remember to keep pushing and breaking through to the next level of your strengths and screw your weaknesses.

I also saw that Bruce Clay did a nice summary of the presentation. To see the overview, check it out at http://www.bruceclay.com/blog/lead-generation-tips-from-michael-king-and-alex-harris/.

I am already looking forward to the next Pubcon. Let me know if you have questions or comments.

Pubcon is coming to South Florida is on February 24 – 25 and guess what, I will be speaking there.

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