Lance Loveday – CRO Masters Think Different Than Everyone Else

Written by Alex Harris

This post discusses the series of Conversion Conference Sessions I attended.

CRO Masters Think Different Than Everyone Else
Lance Loveday, CEO, Closed Loop

One of my favorite sessions was the the kickoff Keynote by Lance Loveday CEO, of Closed Loop.

As Closed Loop CEO and founder, Lance helps organizations leverage user experience to maximize strategic advantage-especially finding the little UX details with the biggest impact. His work is guided by a few simple beliefs: Good user experience is good business. There’s always room for improvement. And companies that value design, UX, and the human element will outperform those that live and die only by the numbers.

With Sandra Niehaus, Lance cowrote the breakout business strategy book Web Design for ROI . His educational background includes an exploratory tour of law school, preceded by a BS in Managerial Economics from UC Davis.

During his presentation, Lance revealed the eight ways CRO masters think, and how the way they think differ from everyone else.

Here are the masters of CRO he interviewed.

masters of conversion rate optimization marketing experts

He revealed that CRO masters have a lot of qualities in common, as well as those that make them successful. He asked them about their cognitigve style, personality, and motivations. Topping the list of qualities in common are openness, the tendency to be experimental, curiosity, being user-centric and multi-disciplinarian, being thought leaders, having a strong focus on education, communication, marketing, and creativity, and being driven on constantly improving, among many others.

They are enchanters – those who wish to eradicate BS in marketing, and those who give a shit about the passion, so they end up becoming exceptional at what they do. These CRO masters are authentic and put a primary focus on communicating well.

They are are adventurers – those who take on crazy jobs that are high adrenaline and require building something from scratch. These people are always looking for new and different information and experiences. They easily get bored with routine, so they test adventurously and push their comfort zones.

CRO masters are humanitarians. They try to make the world a better place through fixing marketing experiences. They design their efforts with the end user in mind, taking care to be kind and benevolent.

They are questioners. Always curious about how things work, asking questions and getting to the bottom of things. They love it when test ideas win, but they also love surprises.

They are devourers. Always hungry for information, reading all kinds of materials because they know that information and ideas can come from anywhere and can be applicable to what they are doing. They do not merely rely on single inputs.

They are conquerors who do not give up easily. They don’t just take “no” for an answer. They have the drive to learn on their own and absorb what they learn. They strive to persevere and are unafraid of challenges. When faced with unfamiliar challenges, they just dive in and do it. When they do get apprehensions, they fake it till they make it.

They take care of their bodies – their power move is exercise. Exercise increases testoterone, releases endorphins, and reduces cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. These CRO masters know that our bodies change our minds, so they take care of themselves and make sure they have a healthy work-life balance.

They are architects. They believe in consilience, or bringing different sources of information, experiences, or skill sets together that may not seem to be complementary, but are vital in creating something from the synthesis. They understand and exploit the value of synthesizing from different disciplines and applying those to what they do.

They are empowerers. They give back to the community and share their experiences to enable others to have a similarly amazing life path. They are not selfish with their knowledge – they aim to develop A players and people to become the best they can be. They lift other people up.

Lance also reiterated that mastery is not a destination, but rather, a way of being.

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