Why I’m Not a Growth Hacker

Written by Alex Harris

Im Not a Growth Hacker

Im Not a Growth Hacker MarketingToday is Saturday, so I slept in. Checked my favorite Twitter list and read a tweet from Sean Ellis called “Growth Hacking Helps Start-ups Boost Their Users” in the online Wall Street Journal. I didn’t read the article yet, just starred it for later. Then noticed another tweet, same article different headline…

How growth hacking, a cross between marketing and coding, can help start-ups add users

Now that makes a lot of sense to me. Back in 2000, I started off as a web designer, then learned to do HTML/CSS. Next I would give my files to the developers, but they took too long, so I learned Cold Fusion too. Now in 2014 my day looks like this…

  • Create website designs focused on increase conversions.
  • Review web analytics, create hypothesis and find revenue improvement opportunities.
  • Code HTML/CSS, set up landing pages and optimize funnels.
  • Implement A/B tests for multiple clients.
  • Create Ecommerce,  WordPress and Landing Page websites.
  • Blog, podcast and create videos.

I would consider those tasks Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Website Marketing.

What is conversion optimization?

It is the continuous improvement of your website to make more profit.

How did I start doing CRO?

In 2000, I started working for a public ‘dot com’ and I began to create landing pages that drove traffic through a conversion funnel. I worked there for over 11 years as the Creative Director focused on customer acquisition. Now I work as a freelance website, ecommerce and landing page designer at my firm AlexDesigns. I also created a training program where I walk people through real ongoing studies for Conversion Optimization.

So Many Buzzwords. Not Enough Results

I’m an entrepreneur, that’s all. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be a problem solver. So whether we call ourselves web designers, marketing gurus or growth hackers, we all just want results. This takes a lot of code and a lot of marketing. Whatever the tools or tactics, we just want profitable results.

Where do you go from here?

For me, I went ahead and interviewed some of the top growth hackers and conversion experts on my podcast. Also I’ve helped 22 people on my Clarity profile.

Plus connecting with like-minded people in my mastermind group.

I even had lunch with the godfather of growth hacking, Sean Ellis. People like him inspire me.

Are you a growth hacker?

No, I’m not having an identity crisis. It’s fun to see the website optimization space growing.

Let’s say you’re a content marketer. You blog and drive traffic to your site using social media. Then you look at your Mailchimp (email delivery) account and see that you’re not getting enough leads. You think – if I tweak this sidebar of my WordPress site and test different lead magnets or call to actions, maybe I can get more leads. For me that would all conversion optimization, but some people call it growth hacking too. Does it matter? It’s all optimization focused on growth. So maybe I am a growth hacker too.

Let me know what you think in the comments below…

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