How to Use Social Proof To Increase eCommerce Sales and Leads

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

In celebration of my new book, I am releasing these audio blogs to help you increase your eCommerce conversion rates…

  1. Add media sources and logos. Adding media sources like CNN, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal is a great way for people to identify that you’re a credible source. You can add these to your site by running ads on popular media websites. Then add “As Seen On” next to the logos.
  2. Above the Fold. Christina Daves from gave me a great tip that is widely overlooked. She said simply, “Get the media logos above the fold.”
  3. Use reviews throughout your website. Reviews are an essential part of e-commerce these days. People like to buy things that other people have bought. Using reviews will create social proof throughout your website.
  4. BBB. It may be worth your money to join the Better Business Bureau. This is a great way to show customers you are trust worthy company.
  5. Testimonials. Having clear testimonials across your site on your home page, your product detail pages, and even in your checkout process will help shoppers identify that you’re a credible source. People will feel more comfortable doing business with you. Make these testimonials easy to understand, and make sure they appear in large font. Also, bold or highlight certain keyword terms that would help consumers buy your products.
  6. Video testimonials specific to the products. Add video testimonials to your product detail pages for those specific items. Ask your customers to do video reviews of the products that they bought from you, and then add those videos to your product detail pages.
  7. Reviews and feedback software. Use services like or This service collects ratings and feedback for your specific e-commerce items. It will then show your star ratings on your website or other websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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