How to Setup and Review Google Analytics for Your eCommerce Website

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

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Having easy-to-review quantitative data is the foundation of measuring growth for your e-commerce website. Tools like Google Analytics and KISSmetrics are great for tracking what is going on with your website. Using these tools will give you visitor data, conversion tracking, and referral information. This way, you can make better decisions using analytics. Understanding analytics is extensive, but here are some general suggestions.

1. Ensure that Google Analytics is set up on your website. Using Google Analytics will give you the basis for all the quantitative data you’ll be using for everything going on in your site.
2. Use Google Analytics goals. Ensure that you’re measuring and tracking your goals of conversions and leads to find out where there’s more opportunity for you to increase sales.
3. Use Google AdWords to determine the keywords that are driving the most sales. Using the “search terms match type” tool in Google AdWords is a great way to track the keywords that are driving the most conversions. This way, you can spend money on the most profitable keyword terms. Just sort your keywords by conversion.
4. Use Google AdWords to determine the keywords that are not converting at all. Finding where the most opportunity is helps you understand users’ intentions before they arrive at your website.
5. Set up custom reports. Most e-commerce software solutions come with a variety of ways to track sales, visitors and other metrics. Ensure that you set up custom reports to easily track revenue, inventory, and profit. Continuously measure different key performance indicators (KPIs) to make improvements.
6. Track funnel. Use your analytics software to set up funnel tracking. This will help you determine the most common ideal click paths on your website. It will also tell you exactly where people are falling out of your funnel or shopping cart process.
7. Event tracking. You can use software like Mixpanel or HeapAnalytics to track specific events on your e-commerce store. For example, on your checkout page, you can set up an event to track which form fields people are filling out before abandoning the page. This will help you determine where people may be getting confused or not completing your checkout process.
8. Set up cart abandonment reports. Many e-commerce software solutions include analytics to determine how many people add something to the cart, then either complete a sale or abandon the process. Set up a report so you continuously decrease the amount of people that do not complete a sale.
9. Get it done right. This process can be really confusing, so I strongly recommend getting an analysis, or having a web programmer set up Google Analytics along with each custom report. This includes adding tracking and conversion pixels to your website.

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