How to Optimize Product Detail Pages for eCommerce Websites

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

In celebration of my new book, I am releasing these audio blogs to help you increase your eCommerce conversion rates…

This is the page that explains everything about the individual product item. Not only is this page important for conversions, but it is also great for search engine rankings. These very specific item detail pages are one of the best sections of your website to optimize to improve conversion rates.


  1. Show reviews on the page. You can use software like or to add reviews to your product detail pages because people want to know what other people thought of your particular products. Showing those reviews will help increase conversion.
  2. Offer phone ordering. Some people still have a lot of reservations about buying online, so offer the ability to buy through the phone. Adding the product phone number underneath the “buy now” button is also a great way to get wholesale sales.
  3. Update stock status. Tell people the product is in stock. Answer all of the questions people have before they arrive at your site. One of the main questions is, “Is this product in stock?” So tell them if it is. If it’s a limited product of which you don’t have a lot of inventory, tell them that there are only a few items left. If they’re really interested, they will likely buy that product because it has limited inventory.
  4. Provide social proof. Mention how many people have also purchased that item. People like to buy things that other people have bought. Telling people how many people have bought a particular item will help increase demand.
  5. Show related items. On your product detail pages, show related items. You may say, “Customers like you also purchased these items.”
  6. Provide the ability to enlarge images. People have bad eyesight. Make it easier for them to learn what a product looks like.
  7. Provide alternative images. If you have different product views, have alternative images that people can click on.
  8. Social share links. Social sharing has become very popular, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should put it on every page. Test having social share ability on your product detail pages.
  9. Remove the left navigation. After testing many product pages, we have found that removing the left (or right) column navigations will help improve your conversion rates. This is because the changes make it clear how to add items to the cart or view details. They can also click on the top navigation menu to browse other items.
  10. Have USP icons. This is different from the UVP. The USP, or unique selling proposition, is a set of icons or text bullet list reinforcing people of your credibility and ensuring them that they can shop with confidence. Some items you can include in this are the money back guarantee, details of how long you’ve been in business, the benefits of purchasing from your store, and if the products are made in the United States of America (or your country).
  11. Offer add to cart confirmation. After a user clicks the “add to cart” button, show a popover that confirms the item has been added to the shopping cart. This reinsures them of that interaction and influences them to continue shopping or begin the checkout process.
  12. Have interactive tabs. Most items in your e-commerce store are going to need a lot of content like the item description, FAQ, benefits, and specifications. You should test organizing this section into interactive tabs. This will help keep all that information in an easy to understand format.
  13. Show testimonials. Repurpose one of your best reviews for a specific product and display it large and above the fold. This helps support your social proof.
  14. Showcase product videos. Having product videos or demonstrations is a great way to give your customers more details about the items you’re selling.
  15. Size charts. If you are selling apparel or items that come in different sizes, you should list out a size chart that is easy to understand. These are the types of questions people will have before purchasing from your store.

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