How to Make money in Ecommerce for Black Friday

Written by Alex Harris

Overview about Shopify Ecommerce

According to an analytics firm, ComScore Inc, “U.S. online sales skyrocketed to nearly 17.5% on Black Friday and Thanksgiving, hence soaring above the brick-and-mortar stores in terms of sales growth.” And, a reliable forecast shows there would be even higher growth this season as more people engage mobile devices in accessing ecommerce websites. So, what bell does this ring? It has become more lucrative to make money on Black Friday and other special days via ecommerce.

Sell Via Notable Ecommerce Websites

It is very important to mention some of the most visited e-commerce websites during the past Black Friday. They are, ebay Inc, comScore, and Walmart. One of the smart ways to make money in ecommerce for Black Friday is to sell your products through one of these renowned e-commerce websites. For instance, offers “Sell on Amazon” program that enables both big business and individuals to sell items on their website. This would attract some service fees as well as referral fees. But, your ecommerce website and products will gain increased exposure on or any of the top ecommerce websites.

Target the Right Time to Send Promotional Emails

Notable statistics also showed that people who purchase through ecommerce websites on Black Friday, on average starts shopping about 10 am. One of the smart steps for ecommerce operators is to hold back promotional emails by few hours. This way, your messages will likely reach the targeted consumers at the right time when they are about to start shopping.

Promote Specific Products in Your Various Web Pages

Here’s another important statistics; during the 2010 Black Friday, online shoppers view fewer products, which shows they are actually searching for specific items and not just exploring lists of products. So, in order to increase your chances of making money in ecommerce for Black Friday, you should promote specific products on the different webpages of your ecommerce websites. And, integrate Black Friday communications as well, instead of sending out generic messages. Targeted messaging will increase your chances of making money via ecommerce websites on special days like Black Friday.

Include Work Shoppers in Your Black Friday Promotional Plan

Also, the previous recent past Black Friday and Cyber Monday statistics revealed that about 50% of purchases via ecommerce websites were done through work PCs. The message is simple; consider ‘work shoppers’ when trying to promote your products and services for Black Friday. One of the tactics is to target standard business hours as you schedule posting social media updates or sending emails. Since there’s a huge number of people shopping from a workplace, your promotion should also target them in order to increase your chances of selling more on Black Friday.

Use Other Techniques

When thinking of how to make money in ecommerce for Black Friday, you should also include as many online promotion techniques as possible – social media, email marketing, article marketing and more. A combination of different techniques can provide better and greater outcome than depending solely on one or two techniques. If you are just getting started, take a cue from other websites in your niche.

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