How to Improve the Header of Your Small Business eCommerce Website

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

In celebration of my new book, I am releasing these audio blogs to help you increase your eCommerce conversion rates…

The header area of your website is the utility area. This is a functional space that guides visitors to the sections of your website that they want to go to. This includes the logo, navigation box, search box, and global links. You want to determine what the most important elements of your website and have links to those sections in your header. The header needs to be simple but very functional.

  1. Large phone number. Add a large phone number to the right side of your header. Having a phone number on your web page will get more people to call. With e-commerce, people will not necessarily only buy online, but they may also want to call.
  2. CTA phone number. The phone number should have a specific call to action. Do not use general terms next to your phone number. Have a unique call to action specific to your e-commerce store. For example: “Speak with an expert about our products. Call 1-800-555-1212.”
  3. Clear search area. In all e-commerce sites, many people want to search.
  4. Add credibility seals like Better Business Bureau or McAfee. Having credibility seals in the header will create you as a credible source, and people will feel more comfortable doing business with you.
  5. Live chat. Having live chat is a great way to provide a good customer experience on your e-commerce store. Within the live chat area, use a picture of a customer service person or a clear icon. This will help people identify where the live chat area is.
  6. Live chat. Nick Loper, from has a tip related to live chat. He says, “Don’t just let it sit there. I saw 10x the engagement once we enabled a proactive invitation. After someone was on the site 45-60 seconds, the chat box would open and let them know we were available if they had any questions.”
  7. Mini-cart. In your mini-cart area, test having a button that says “View cart” instead of “Checkout.” Many sites work differently, so consider whether you should send people to the shopping cart page or directly to the checkout process.
  8. Tell people how many days are left in a sale. As you are running sales through your holiday promotions, tell people how many days are left in a particular sale. This will help increase demand and urgency to get people to buy a lot quicker.
  9. Blog and about links. Add a link to your blog and About page in the header area. This is great way for people to read your content and get to know you.
  10. Add a holiday theme to a logo. Identifying that you’re in the holiday season and creating some personality to your site will help increase your conversions.
  11. Add the last date to ship notification. As the holiday season arrives, people want to know when the last day they’d have to buy is. That way, last-minute shoppers will know when they have to purchase in order to get it shipped by a certain date.

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