Google’s mobile-friendly update and your conversion rate

Written by Alex Harris

ipad and imac

Google’s mobile-friendly update is just a few days away and many website owners are still scrambling to make their site as mobile-friendly as they can. While we can never be sure about all that the update entails, we can definitely form a somewhat solid idea of what to expect based on what Google have let on so far. Here’s a piece of good news: the update can do wonders for your conversion rates.

Based from statements made by Google’s representatives regarding the newest update, the algorithm change will most likely be for the mobile only and will not affect desktop search. This is no reason to sign in relief though as a mobile-wide scope is still a cause for worry. Remember that the update came to be because a vast majority of users are using mobile technology to surf the web. This means that the update puts you at risk of losing a huge chunk of your traffic if you leave your site not optimized for mobile.

What can the update do for my conversion rates?

Let’s say you leave the optimizing to your competitors and decide you’re not fixing what isn’t broken. Chances are, you will lose you rank in the search result and your competitors will be more visible than you. For every time a potential customer visits your competitor, you lose the chance to convert them, lowering your conversion rates.

If you do decide to ‘follow the mobile-friendly path, your mobile search ranking will rise so you will definitely be visible to more customers. You will have greater opportunities to sell your product or service, which means greater chances at conversion. Additionally, a mobile-friendly site equates to better user experience, especially for visitors on mobile devices. By making your potential customers happy, you make them more open to actually making purchases.

So what are you waiting for? Make your site more user-friendly if you haven’t yet before April 21 and reap the benefits to your conversion rates.

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