Google’s mobile-friendly update and what it means for you

Written by Alex Harris


The world of search is set to undergo a major change starting April 21 this year as Google rolls out its mobile-friendly algorithm. This newest update is expected to give more weight to websites that are optimized for mobile devices, so if you have not yet geared your site for smartphones, tablets and the like, now would be the best time to get started.

Google has always maintained its position regarding the quality of experience it offers to its users. With around 60% of current search traffic coming from mobile device users, the coming update is not at all surprising. To give you an idea of how significant it is, Google announced that it will have a bigger impact than either Panda or Penguin, those two algorithm changes of several years ago that altered the way search engine optimization was done at the time. In fact, some online marketing experts are dubbing this new update the “mobilegeddon.”

The algorithm change will roll out starting on the 21st of April and will likely be completed within a few days to a week. The update will proceed gradually, affecting all searches performed in all languages from all corners of the globe. The update will not just mark mobile-responsive sites as mobile-friendly, it will also rank them higher in the search results. Conversely, Google will be expanding its demotion system targeted at sites with mobile-related errors. Despite this, it is undeniable that the update will provide mobile-friendly sites with an edge over their non-responsive peers.

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for the potential benefits of Google’s newest update, the easiest way to check is to search for your site through Google in a mobile device. If you see a mobile-friendly tag on your site in the results, then your site qualifies. You can also use Google’s mobile usability reports and mobile-friendly testing tool through Google Webmaster Tools.

Google is giving website owners enough time to perform the necessary updates to their respective websites, not only so they can benefit from the update but also so they can avoid the potential repercussions. If you are wondering how adopting a mobile-responsive design can affect your website’s appearance, take a look at some Landing page examples we have created in the past:

Adego Marketing


If you have questions about mobile-responsive design or if you want to get started on it, contact me now.

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