Get the Conversion Marketing and Customer Mindset

Written by Alex Harris

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Here is the featured chapter from today’s show.

Customer Mindset

Conversion Marketing, ecommerce, is the act of converting site visitors into paying customers. However, different sites may consider a “conversion” to be some sort of result other than a sale.[1] One example of a conversion event other than a sale is if a customer were to abandon an online shopping cart, the company could market a special offer, e.g. free shipping, to convert the visitor into a paying customer. A company may also try to recover the abandoner through an online engagement method such as proactive chat in an attempt to assist the customer through the purchase process

“For many people, conversion rate optimization, particularly the small business community, think it’s all about driving as much traffic as possible. Try to optimize your websites so it converts more of your visitors that you’re already receiving into sales or leads without buying additional levels of traffic.”
Rich Page,
author of Web Optimization an Hour a Day

In order to optimize successfully and efficiently, you have to learn the right mindset. The mindset you need to adapt for optimization is a growth mindset, not only from a perspective of being abundant and forward thinking, but overall thinking about your business in general. During my previous years as a website designer, I never really took any marketing or business classes in general. I’ve learn anything about everything through trial and error.

The right mindset will help you realize that in general, we no longer buy the way we used to. It used to be a lot easier to overall sell online from 2000-2006. We used to be able to put up any landing page and get a ton of leads and get a really high conversion rate.

5-Ecommerce-Quick-Wins-To-Higher-ConversionsSee a recent case study where we increased the conversion of an ecommerce landing page by 65%.

Now, we need to really understand our business vertical and out target customers. We need to understand the different types of personas coming to the website, where they’re going and leading the visitor in the ideal click M.A.P.

M.A.P. stands for marketing along a specific path. Creating your ideal M.A.P. will allow your target audiences to go down a specific set of pages to define your customer journey.

You need to execute goal-oriented strategies instead of random marketing efforts. Find a system or use one that was already created. This book shows you my system, and as you read through, you will start to see some pattern of opportunity. Humans are excellent at making of patterns, because we are natural problem solvers.

Your conversion rate optimization plan – the one you will be able to create flawlessly after you finish reading this book – should provide you better results and maximize your ROI. That’s what marketing optimization is all about – making better decisions, getting better results in a shorter amount of time. You can test it out yourself using the resources and tools I recommend, or you can hire someone to do it for you. I understand that you don’t have endless resources, and that is why through this book, I will help you get things done better and faster so you can save up on time, money, and effort.

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