Gathering Intelligence is essential to running successful conversion testing

Written by Alex Harris

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Gathering Intelligence

At every step in the Marketing Optimization System, we collect data and analyze that data into two different ways – qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data is simply researching the methods of market research to improve further context and insights. Qualitative research aims to gain an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior.

Next me move on to quantitative feedback. The term quantitative refers to a type of information based on the quantities, or quantifiable data, an objective set of properties, as opposed to qualitative measurements which deal with qualities, and are therefore subjective properties. It also refers to mass, time, or productivity.

With all the concepts listed in this book, I highly recommend that you test everything. Conversion optimization is that testing process, the continuous improvement to make your website more profitable. First discover your ideal target audience, then create a hypothesis for the experiments. Use software to execute split and multi-various tests for different marketing campaigns. Split testing is simply running two or more elements in your marketing creative to determine which is better. Start with the baseline control – your existing web page, versus a new version in the experiment – then work with an analyst to determine if the test is successful. Once you determine the things that are helping your website make more money or increase your conversion rates, you can scale those things to increase your bottomline. This is one of the main things that we will be focusing on in this book.

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