Four risks that even the best-designed UI may pose

Written by Alex Harris

Many business owners invest a lot of money on building an attractive and streamlined user interface (UI) for their online business. While this is not a bad strategy, a great UI does not necessarily mean success. In fact, even the best interfaces may still pose risks of failure especially if you do not take the right factors into account.

The user interface is a significant variable in the quality of experience you provide your customers whenever they visit your online store. Whether they will make a purchase or not may depend largely on how easy you made it for them to make a decision through the UI. For starters, if your online shop uses a tricky user interface, then you probably shouldn’t be expecting maximal profits anytime soon.

In this respect, it may be said that the best user interfaces are those that are easy to use. Many designers take cues from human-to-human interaction and conversation in designing user-friendly UI. However, this technique has terrible flaws.

1. The designer may base heavily from his own conversation, neglecting to take into account interactions with other types of users. This may produce a UI that is compatible only with select customers.

2. Just because the UI is easy to use doesn’t mean it improves the entire user experience. To remedy this issue, companies should discuss the goals they want to achieve in order to make the UI as customer-centric as possible.

3. The designer’s limited knowledge of the company’s goals may result to missed opportunities to further improve customer experience or influence sales. Like number two, this is best addressed by providing the designer with a holistic picture of your desired goals.

4. Basing UI design solely on conversations neglects the presence of existing customer data. As such, when designing your UI, make sure to provide all available data to your designer to create an end-product that truly addresses the needs of your customer base.

It is possible to create a truly effective user interface that is easy to use. The most significant step to attaining this end is collaborating with your designer and ensuring that all available information—your goals, available data, et al.—are provided to maximize results and prevent possible misgivings.

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