Five steps to combat cart abandonment

Written by Alex Harris

abandoned cart

In ecommerce, you can never be quite sure you have a sale until after the entire transaction is finished and the customer has paid for their purchases. Even after customers have gone through the process of checking out your products, selecting what they want, and adding them to the cart, the possibility that they’d abandon the transaction still exists. As an online business owner, ensuring this doesn’t happen often, or not at all, should be a top priority.

There are many ways by which you can mitigate, if not eliminate, cart abandonment. Here are some of them:

• Be credible

Online stores, unlike physical shops, do not satisfy any other senses more than the sense of sight. Your customers cannot sample cologne, touch the fabric of a dress, or taste your roasted sesame salad dressing. For this reason, you have to go the extra mile in ensuring that you have their trust.

Put up credibility boosters and make sure your customers see them. A money-back guarantee is usually great because if you’re willing to pay them back for products that don’t satisfy them, then you must be selling legitimate goods. An accreditation from BBB further signifies that you can be trusted. A logo by VeriSign, for example, indicates that your customers won’t be suffering from virus attacks courtesy of your store.

• Be open

Customers can detect when you’re lying to them and they won’t like it if you ever are. As such, you must make sure to provide as much information about your product to your customers. After all, you don’t want them feeling unsure about their purchase when they’re just a click away from completing the transaction.

Provide pictures of your products, ones that customers can examine closely. As we said, they only have their sense of sight, so allowing them to check minute visual details can make them feel more certain of their purchase. Additionally, inform them of the product’s availability as soon as possible. Learning at the last minute that your intended purchase is sold out can be very disappointing, and is a leading cause of cart abandonment.

• Do not force registration

Customers like their freedom to choose. Do not force them to register for your site just to complete their purchase. Doing so may annoy and ultimately force them to take their business elsewhere. Give them the option to continue sans registration and focus instead on making the experience as pleasant as possible. They may even register on their own accord if they are happy with the way you handled the transaction.

• Welcome different payment methods

Not supporting the customer’s preferred payment method practically means they can’t pay for your products. Allow as many payment options as possible. Sticking to a limited few can imply that you are not flexible, nor are you willing to adjust to your customers’ convenience.

• Keep it simple

Simplicity is best, it’s said. Creating a very convoluted check-out process can annoy many customers and discourage them from completing their purchases. Make yours as simple as possible, eliminating the factors that do not benefit you nor the customers or those that do not help move the transaction along. People like things to be fast nowadays, so ensuring that your ecommerce site can keep up or won’t slow them down will earn you plus points.

Cart abandonment can be a challenge when you conduct ecommerce, but it is a hurdle that can be beat. If you want to learn more about CRO or boost your conversions and sales, contact me here.

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