Finding Quick Wins to Increase eCommerce Sales and Leads

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

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Using analytics through qualitative and quantitative data, we can understand our target audience. But finding quantitative data is probably where the biggest opportunity is to make the most improvement on our existing traffic.

Use Google Analytics to:

  1. Determine your most trafficked pages. You can find your top traffic web pages in Google Analytics by clicking on “Behavior”, then “Site Content” and then “Landing Pages”. This report will help you understand where the majority of your traffic starts for your website. We will use these pages to make your biggest improvements.
  2. Determine the pages that are generating the most revenue. Once you know the top trafficked pages, you can apply software like Visual Website Optimizer to the page to determine how much revenue is generated from each of those pages.
  3. Determine the pages with the highest bounce rate. Look at Google Analytics for the highest bounce rate pages. Then figure out how to improve those pages and get more people to complete their sale.

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