Everything You Need to Know to Make Killer Video Podcasts

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With all kinds of technologies making their way into the hands of everyone these days, many online marketers use other ways to reach out to their audiences such as audio, visual design and videos. Keeping up with the technological demands of today’s consumer can ultimately lead to increased traffic and conversion—especially if you diversify your promotional content.

Video podcasts are a useful tool to use in your marketing campaigns—especially now that people can watch video on their handsets—and you can achieve numerous goals:

You can promote your product

Seek new referrals

Generate sponsorship revenue or enhance your online reputation

If you want to know more about the benefits of using podcasts in marketing, read this “Podcast for Dummies” article.

Whatever your objective is, the following tips  will help you maximize your impact:

Stay Focused 

With the enormous quantity of content being streamed, shared and downloaded online, the last thing that is going to capture people’s attention is a video podcast that is dull or weak in its delivery. Sufficient preparation on a predetermined subject will help you to stay focused during the podcast, as you tackle the depths of a particular topic. 

Make Your Video Podcasts Audience-Centered



As an online marketer, you should already be involved in a consistent dialog with your audience. If not, then your chance of generating sales is compromised in a major way.

Your audience and customers will be able to inform your content, as they will tell you their interests, what they need, and what they like and don’t like. If you become very familiar with your audience’s needs, then it is likely that you possess an intuitive sense of what is appropriate, and when it is necessary to put your foot on the brakes to avoid turning off viewers. 

Technical Proficiency 

If you are still wondering whether you should just produce an audio podcast rather than taking the step up to video, I highly recommend the latter. Many people are visual learners and are far more influenced by video content—in fact, many people will not bother to listen to an audio podcast.

The massive popularity of YouTube and Daily Motion should confirm this for you, but top marketing influencers will also promote the benefits of video to you, as body language and the personality that can be conveyed create powerful connections with audience members.


While the quality of your gear is not a huge deal, the data and feedback shows that well-crafted content garners the most views and shares—like anything visual, people drift toward content that looks impressive. You will be glad to know that decent equipment is now very affordable, making the investment worthwhile.

If you want to make something really special, then you can use:

A DSLR camera—but handsets like the iPhone are so advanced now, that they can also produce decent footage.

An external microphone—regardless of the video capture device that you use, an external microphone is mandatory to record decent sound. While your body language is vital, people are not interested in silent movies anymore.

A lav microphone is suitable for the vast majority of podcasters, and you will need to pay around $100 to get one with a 1/8th audio jack. Plus, you always have the option of upgrading if you need to later.



Don’t Drag On 

Just like the skim readers that rule the Internet, you don’t want to risk losing viewers because you have uploaded a 30-minute epic production. There is a reason that previews and trailers barely exceed one minute these days—our attention spans are getting shorter. Stay under 10 minutes ideally, but stretch it out to 15 minutes if you really need to. Keep it succinct. 

Set Your Schedule And Stick To It 

Just like the most popular television series and radio programs, make sure that you broadcast at the same time every time—if you need to change the schedule, just tell your viewers in advance. If you want to build an audience, then people need to be able to rely on you. 

Monetize. Why Not? 

In addition to promotion, you also have two options to monetize your content.

Sponsorships: Based on audience feedback, seek out businesses that will resonate with your audiences and either promote them yourself or share their content. However, like Aaron Peckham of Urban Dictionary, it is best to be selective so that you are only promoting products that are relevant to your audience.

Subscriptions: While subscriptions are less popular, if your podcast is in demand, you may want to consider charging a nominal fee, for example, $1 per episode or a monthly rate.

There are many other options such as:

Affiliate relationships

Monetizing your podcasts via speaking and/or coaching

Monetize via books

Make money with your podcasts via joint ventures

Share, Share, Share 

As you will know, sharing is the new promotion. In addition to everything else that everyone can now do themselves, promotion is completely in your hands, and you should aim to publish your content on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Unlike the old days, access is open, so you aren’t weighed down by exorbitant costs.


However, don’t go overboard, as you will become overwhelmed and won’t be able to engage with feedback. Also, stay humble, as you risk turning people away if you come across too strongly.


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