Ecommerce Website Review for Conversion Improvements Alex Harris

Written by Alex Harris

Screenshot of homepageToday, we’re going to review Dofahn’s website. Initially, when I arrive here, I’m not sure what you guys sell. I think you need to clearly put your unique value proposition at the top. Keep it very, very simple. It’s not a brand that I know well, so I’m not sure what you guys do.

Tell people what you do

You really need to tell people what to do. You have these products here. I’m sure people just scroll down and click on them. But that’s not necessarily what you want people to do.

Indicate your bestsellers

If this is your top seller, tell people that this is your top seller or bestselling item. That will make people want to buy this. What’s the differentiator that makes people want to buy this one versus this one? Tell people that they’re going to save money, that this is the bestseller, or something that will differentiate them.

Dofahn products in homepageHighlight important elements

The number one offer on the Web for e-commerce-related sites is free shipping. This free shipping area right here is basically hidden. You need to really bring that out.

Everything is very clean and very white. That isn’t necessarily always a good thing. All this stuff gets really confusing. The most important area of this right here is this. You’re not really sure what to click on. Is this the search or is this the shopping cart?

Website comparison – vs

Another example is this website, When you arrive there initially, you know exactly that they sell beauty. Of course, they have that in the domain name, and that’s why they don’t need to have a unique selling proposition.

Homepage for Beauty.comClear message, clear navigation

When you arrive there, the slide does not change until you actually roll over it or move over one of these or something. But initially, when you get there, it does not move. So you know what they’re offering, and they’re showing that. They have a ton of stuff and a lot of value. It’s clear that their navigation is up here, and it’s clear that the button with the checkout area is brought out as the main call to action area in the header.

Nice product photos and graphics

As you scroll down into the products, some nice pictures. The difference between theirs and yours is the organization and the hierarchy of the elements, and the button. That button is the main thing that you want people to do.

Back to the Dofhan website


On the other website, there’s no button. This is not a button. When I roll over this and do that, all that jazz that’s going on there, I would test doing without that. I guarantee you would increase the amount of clicks to the next page. That’s just confusing.

Custom products

Dofahn product customization pageIf you are selling custom dog-related products, look at the way custom books are created. This is a great example of the step process that you can use to show how to create that custom pillow, that custom dog bed, all that custom information.

Because when you go here and you actually customize a bed… when I can find it. This, scrolling through all of this confusion and clicking on that button could be easily summarized in this right here. If they want more examples, they can do something like that.

The clear focal point, the button, is always on the page. Yours, you can’t find it. You’re not sure what to do.

Categories and navigation

I like all this brand stuff, but everything is just not clear on what you want people to do and what you’re selling. When I arrive here, I don’t know what I just clicked on. What did I click on? Chill? It should say, “Dog beds,” or, “Custom dog beds.” Keep it very, very simple. Don’t make people think. You know that book, “Don’t Make Me Think”? It was written for a reason.

Newsletter sign up area

This area in your newsletter sign up area… give people some value. Why should they sign up for your newsletter? You can maybe say, “Sign up for my newsletter and get 10% off,” “Sign up for my newsletter and get weekly deals,” “Sign up for my newsletter and get a free PDF.” Just give them something in return for putting their email address in.

Have a clear call to action

Dofahn product descriptionWhen you go ahead and enter into an actual item, here, this whole price area thing is just totally confusing. Right now, you’re not sure, above the fold, what you want the person to do at all. Do you want them to visit Facebook or do you want them to buy a product?

As you scroll through here, this could all be tested differently and cleaned up. I understand you have to do that process. But it could probably be optimized to be pushed above the fold and a lot better. You’re pushing everything down by putting the information there.

You can easily do some testing to see how much conversion improvement you get by reorganizing some of these elements.

Font – it matters

And what’s with the Comic Sans? That’s like the worst font you can possibly pick for legibility. Then you have Arial over here.

Basic mistakes with easy fixes

You have some just really basic e-commerce mistakes that you could fix. Let’s see if we could take a look at this.

Improve your product page

So product page, this page, versus this other page I looked at. This page has got a lot of stuff going on, but it’s clear that you don’t have to go through all that other stuff. If you have those drop downs, maybe you can do it like this. Then they have another one. There’s probably a different way to do that.

Create urgency to increase signups

Also create some scarcity, some urgency to get people to sign up. Here’s great information for that.

Build credibility, then show it

Your site is also missing credibility-related information. As you see here, this whole right side, this is not your demographic. And I understand that you have a boutique site and you want it more high-end, but this information should be presented somehow easier on your site, “Shop with confidence.”

And the security seals. Right now, on your site, there’s no credibility. I don’t know who’s selling to me. Are you going to steal my information? Are you an American company or a non-American company?

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