Ecommerce Web Designers: How to Choose the Best One

Written by Alex Harris

Overview about Shopify Ecommerce

Now, you’ve put a great online store concept together and your funds are ready for the task but you don’t know how to choose from the numerous ecommerce web designers around. Indeed, it can be quite confounding trying to unravel which of the ecommerce website designers can do the job to suit your exact pattern and vision of an online store. Not to worry, this post has been created with you in mind as it offers you the best tips on how to choose an ecommerce website designer.

Tip #1: Go for a Web Designer that Would Integrate Your Online Marketing Strategy

You probably have put all your plans and strategies in place before considering an ecommerce web designer that will work in line with your ecommerce marketing plans and strategies. But, the big question is, how do you know if the web designer you have in mind will be able to integrate your marketing strategies? Simply check the designer’s portfolio to see if you can find some proofs.

Professional ecommerce web designers always present rich portfolio containing previous jobs. Evaluate the websites in the portfolio critically to see how the marketing strategies have been weaved into the overall ecommerce website. Also, read testimonials and feedbacks from clients. You can actually contact the clients whose ecommerce websites are featured in the portfolio to find out if they were truly satisfied with the work.

Tip #2: Assess the Design and Development Skills of the Designer

Again, check the portfolio of the ecommerce website developer and compare with some of the best ecommerce websites in your niche to see if you should go ahead and hire the designer or not. Did the designer integrate essential ecommerce features that promote excellent outcome? Are the navigations easy to find and use? Check for every possible feature and ensure everything is well integrated and all essential elements are incorporated into the ecommerce websites shown in the portfolio. Once you certify that the previous ecommerce sites built by the designer match the standard you’ve seen in your niche, you can consider hiring the web designer in question.

Tip #3: Request and Compare Quotes

When considering which of the ecommerce web designers to hire, you should also compare price quotes from the best three prospects in your list. Look at the various cost elements that make up the overall cost of the project to ensure the cost quotation is as inclusive as it can be.

Some of the cost elements to look out for as you compare the various price quotes include the following;

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Site administrators training
  • Content management
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Technical support

Tip #4: SEO Integration

You should also ensure that the web designer of your choice integrates SEO (Search Optimization) techniques in developing your ecommerce website. Your online store is not useful without in-built SEO techniques that will augment other online advertising techniques in driving traffic to the site.

Indeed, hiring the best ecommerce website designer following the guidelines outlined above is a smart move to make.

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