Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software: What You Need to Know

Written by Alex Harris

Overview about Shopify Ecommerce

Ecommerce shopping cart software is an integral part of ecommerce business. The tool enables an online shopper to gather a selection of merchandize or goods over a time frame. Typical examples of such merchandize include goods, digital downloads, or services. A shopper is provided with options to add items to a shopping cart or remove items. Subsequently, when the customer is done collecting items and want to make payment for the items purchased, he or she will present items for checkout. Some of the best ecommerce solutions around include Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Woocommerce, and Netsuite.

Types of Ecommerce Shopping Carts

When it comes to ecommerce, two types of ecommerce shopping carts are involved. The first type is known as the open-source shopping cart. The open source types of ecommerce shopping cart software are programmed to match specific e-merchant’s needs, and subsequently integrated onto the merchant’s ecommerce website. The second type is the ecommerce shopping cart hosting; these ones are already-built and ready for use by an ecommerce merchant. However, the customization features that characterize the open source ecommerce shopping cart are not available with this second type.

Different Levels and Choices of Ecommerce Shopping Cart

There may be several choices or levels of particular ecommerce shopping carts that can be used by an online merchant. For instance, a host may offer wide range of shopping cart levels, each one having a limitation in terms of the amount of products contained in the catalog that the shopping cart serves. On the other hand, the host may also offer wide varieties of shopping cart choices so that the merchants can make their preferred choices.

Ecommerce shopping carts may be integrated as an aspect of a larger ecommerce strategy, alongside other applications and features. A shopping cart could also come as an add-on that attracts a fee. Without a website linked or associated with it, an ecommerce shopping cart is not functional.

Another thing about ecommerce shopping cart is that it may involve certain requirements before it can work. Typical examples of such requirements include the availability of PERL, server software, as well as modules that have to be installed. Configuration and/or set-up fee may be applicable, including a monthly charge. Because of their possible costs and certain restrictions that may apply, it is always best for an ecommerce operatior to plan and integrate an ecommerce shopping cart as an aspect of a larger ecommerce website design. This will ensure that the ecommerce website itself, the hosting, as well as the shopping cart all fit in flawlessly, and that no surprise charges will come up.

Indeed, offering products and services online is a great way to expand your business and keep business running costs as low as possible. You can choose to purchase an ecommerce shopping cart software and do the hosting by yourself. Alternatively, you can leverage the services of ecommerce shopping cart companies like Shoppify, Magento, BigCommerce and others. The best place is to research shopping cart companies and software programs before making your choice.

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