Case Study #1 – Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Written by Alex Harris

ecommerce conversion optimization training

Hypothesis for Conversion Optimization & A/B TestingThis is an ecommerce Website that I track every day during 2014. Follow along with my progress to completed the first conversion optimization plan for Case Study #1 – Ecommerce Health and Fitness Products.
If you have questions or want to get involved with this website, please contact me.

5 Step Formula to Master Website Conversions

  1. Discovery (FREE)
    • Define Goals
    • Find Low Hanging Fruit
    • Checklist
    • Next Steps
  2. Hypothesis
    • Create Tests
    • Prioritize Tasks
  3. Execution
    • Wireframes
    • Design
    • Split Testing
  4. Review
    • Quantitative Results
    • Qualitative Results
    • Next Steps
  5. Scale
    • Spread Results to other Pages

Final results for Case Study #1 – Ecommerce Landing Page

We used Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Tools we used so far include:

  1. UserTesting
  2. Visual Website Optimizer
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Ecommerce Software

Note from Discovery Process:

UserTesting Highlights:
UserTesting has given us a lot of great feedback. People relate protein powder and supplements to top online “drug stores” brands like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe,, Amazon and Target.

The site that stood out as a clean and efficient user experience was GNC.

  • The offer at the top of GNC says 2 for 1 – need more visible coupons
  • GNC uses tabs to organize ingredients, benefits and reviews
  • reviews are easy to see and provide social proof

Summary of UserTesting Qualitative Analysis

  • 90 Day Guarantee
    • Landing Pages need upfront information about the money back guarantee (Watch Video)
  • Improve Language
    • Make keywords stand out that are easier to understand
  • Cost Effective
    • This is a top benefit
  • Best Tasting
    • Test large claims
  • Variety
    • Whey, Green Drink, Omega
  • Safe & Secure
    • Move above fold, better lock
    • Improve social proof, since 1997

Notes I am collecting for future experiments

Improvements to the Homepage

  • Improve Main Bullets
  • Test CTA to view ingredients
  • Shop with confidence box
    • Tell people it’s not recurring
  • Funnel Improvements
  • Better social proof above the fold with USA & BBB
  • Goals:
    • Bounce Rate:
    • Conversion Rate:
    • Click Through:
    • Add To Cart:

Improvements to the Checkout Process

  • Remove Nav
  • Add security box – right column shop with confidence
  • Add 90 day info
  • make form fields and text large
  • New Customer versus Old Customer – choose page
  • New Customer versus Old Customer – Sign In page
  • Ordering on IE redirects to cart page
  • Remove Required Phone
  • Continue button – margin top
  • Show shipping promo on “Choose Shipping Page”
  • Tell people it is not auto ship. If they want it?
  • Want Paypal Checkout – It’s easy…
  • PayPal – Review and Submit is Missing Instructions. Bad UX
  • Sign In Page
    • Centered bad formatting in IE
  • Goals:
    • Bounce Rate:
    • Conversion Rate:
    • Click Through:
    • Add To Cart:

Improvements to the Landing Page – Green Drink

  • Improve Main Bullets
  • Banner makes it look gimmicky
  • Open with a story
  • Goals:
    • Bounce Rate: 70%
    • Conversion Rate:
    • Click Through:
    • Add To Cart:

Improvements to the Landing Page – Whey Protein Powder

  • Improve Main Bullets
  • Top Mentions from User Testing
    • Best Tasting & Best Ingredients
    • Servings & Low Calories
    • Increase Health Results
      • Weight Loss
      • For Everyone
    • Increases Natural Energy
    • Cost Effective & No Recurring Fees
    • Priority Blend
  • Gender Specific Results
  • Shake recipes have calorie levels
  • Larger Stars for Reviews
  • Long Format has bad formatting
  • Want to Compare
    • Want more research
    • Reason it is the best, tastes best. What brands do they relate to
  • Make Safe and Secure Not Generic Looking
  • Bring Out More Testimonials
  • Goals:
    • Bounce Rate: 70%
    • Conversion Rate:
    • Click Through:
    • Add To Cart:

Improvements to the Protein Bars Pages

  • Pictures are bad
  • Keywords
    • Tastes so good
    • Delivered Right to Your Door
  • Goals:
    • Bounce Rate: 70%
    • Conversion Rate:
    • Click Through:
    • Add To Cart:

Other Ideas To Help Improve Website Conversions

  • Review other websites that have reviews for your website
  • Buy Now Landing Pages
  • Quiz Funnel
  • Top Header stays absolutely when scrolling
  • Test adding a variety of products

Case Study Summary

Have any questions or comments, please let us know…

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