E-Commerce Website Review to Increase Sales for Beauty Products

Written by Alex Harris

Today we’re going to review websites for luxury organic hair products. Let’s pop open a whole bunch of examples. You want to follow the money. See what people are doing, that are actually spending money. A lot of times, they’re going to be like Target. You don’t want to look at them. Try to get like some type of small business.

Have a section for sale and gift items

Our first example, as shown on the video, has a nice popover. As I arrive here for this e-commerce site, I think it’s well-designed. It’s well-categorized. Shampoo, conditioner, styling, travel kits, skin care, makeup, bath, great gifts.

I think the only thing that they’re missing right here is maybe sale items or gifts. They have great gifts here, and then specific gifts. Because maybe it’s not the woman who’s buying the hair products. It could be for him, for her. Tell people that.

Test scrolling slide

This scrolling slide, it needs to be tested. Sometimes they work well, sometimes they don’t work well. You can actually test them based on their click rates.

Indicate your bestsellers

But what I think you’re missing here is bestselling items. Tell people exactly your bestselling items. Then give them clear call to actions.

Sales and special offers, not subscribe

Also, people don’t want to subscribe. They want to get sales and special offers.

Have a clear value proposition

Evolvh shampoos aconditionerBut in your case, definitely add the bestsellers to the very top right here, tell people exactly what to do and what to click on, and also show the price. As I click on shampoo, let’s check it out. You want to tell people that it’s shampoo. Right now, I have no idea if this is conditioner, shampoo or lotion.

So have a clear value proposition. Yes. That’s your value proposition up here, a luxury natural hair care. But if I come off of pay per click or natural search, tell people that they’re shampoo. They shouldn’t have to read down here that it’s shampoo. And say if it’s for men and women. You want to answer all the questions that they have before they arrive.

Add review stars to your category page

As I look at this section right here, you want to have pictures of the little stars. People like to buy things that other people have bought, so have pictures of reviews and stars, if you do have reviews. I certainly recommend having them. Look, seven reviews. There are the stars. Add those stars to your actual category page.

Have a page that’s easy to read

Where’s the price? Oh, the price is over there. There’s something about the page that’s a little bit hard to read. It’s probably because it’s gray on gray, but there’s almost a lack of credibility. In this case, people are going to ask questions like, “How do I know it’s really organic?” or, “How do I know it’s really natural?” What are those claims that back up everything you’re doing?

Shop with confidence

So I would either have it incorporated into your product description or down here, have a “Shop with confidence” box. Tell people how long you’ve been in business, what’s your return policy, when does it ship, is there a money-back guarantee. I think that’s what your site is really missing.

Optimize your cart

Cart for Evolvh siteI’ll add this to the cart. Okay, “Proceed to checkout.” It’s $25. That’s good. It’s a nice intent. Let’s see what happens if I click on “Conditioner.” That went away. Me, as an educated shopper, I know that this little cart button is up there. But I would make it stand out.

Right now, in this experience, me going through as a consumer, this is actually the most important part of your website right now. You actually want to get people to click on that. So I would certainly make that a button or make that a different color, then get that to call out.

Let’s go ahead and click on your cart. Right now, as soon as I arrive at the cart, you should immediately reassure and make me feel secure. It looks like you’re hosting this on your own site, so I’d certainly make this clear that it’s a secure shopping cart. And especially because it’s all in https. So have clear symbols, maybe a McAfee, maybe a Better Business Bureau. But definitely have a generic icon that says, “100% safe and secure online order processing.”

Then tell people exactly what credit cards you take. Down here, have pictures of the actual credit cards. The more you can assure people that you’re not going to steal their information, the better.


Evolvh homepageBack to the home page. Overall, a nice-looking site. You just have to connect the dots. I would find out, in your case, from all these pages that you have, what are the 20% of your pages that are driving 80% of your revenue?

Then I would start optimizing those pages. I will then run Visual Website Optimizer or Crazy Egg on the individual pages, and find out where people are clicking aside from here.

I imagine it’s likely that your bounce rates are pretty high. You’re also not recommending other items. Oh, you do at the very, very bottom.

There’s certainly a lot of work that you can improve on, especially at this page and at the category-level page.

If you do have any questions or you want to reach out to me, I do help a lot of companies with this. We go through web analytics and user experience to really figure out where the pain points are, where people drop out, what people are clicking on. Then we find those quick wins. Where are you making 80% of your revenue off of 20% of your products?

If you want to learn more, you can visit me at AlexDesigns.com.

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