E-Commerce Conversion Marketing Website Review

Written by Alex Harris

Small Business Website Design

For today’s review, we’re going to take a look at a new client. We’re going to pop it open, in a view at 1024. This is how most people view your website when they first arrive there. This is what they see above the fold.

Testing headlines

Right now, this whole area of real estate is really taking up everything. Even though it says, “The #1 hay for small pets delivered fresh to your door,” that doesn’t necessarily mean anything to everybody. You’re making assumptions that everybody knows exactly what you’re talking about.

As I open up your page, you definitely need to test different variations of headlines here. Make one specifically about rabbits, about hamsters, about guinea pigs.

Call to action

The call to action button, this doesn’t look like a button at all. “Shop now” doesn’t mean anything. You need to tell people why they should care about your company, who you are, and what they should actually do. Telling them to shop now doesn’t mean anything.


Shop for rabbits, shop for guinea pigs, shop for hamsters. Also have the ability to categorize by either animal or type of product. Right now, there’s nothing describing your company.


The logo is really small. It’s hard to understand. Even though I may have a small pet, or maybe I’m buying a small pet for a person who has one but I don’t have one, so I don’t know what I’m looking for. Even though it says, “Rabbit food,” really small right down there, it’s confusing about who you’re selling to.

I have a dog. Do you sell dog products? I know you don’t, but you need to clearly explain that. And it doesn’t say that within your navigation, your main panel, or your body content.

SmallPetSelect.com bestsellersLanguage and labelling

As I scroll down, these three products are probably your bestsellers, but I have no idea what’s going on with these three things. So you need better language and labelling to ensure you’re telling people what to do and where to go with the correct call to action.

About us

As I go through the “About us” page, everything just looks a little blank. “Top seller.” What is that? “Beautiful bunny-wrapped ring.” It took me a couple of seconds to actually interpret what’s going on here. Because again, I don’t have a rabbit.

What about all the people who don’t know what they’re buying? You need to clearly explain that in each of your elements. Because as I go through page to page to page, like this page, I have no idea what’s going on. I guess this is potentially a landing page, but all that was just a bad user experience when you click on whatever I clicked on.

SmallPetSelect.com add to cartCart

Going through the actual shop section here, your cart just looks unfinished. You can have a cart like this, but it will be better if you had a clearer logo or at least a logo with text next to it that clearly explained what you do.

Social influence and shop with confidence

Also build up some influence, show them exactly that you’re a trustworthy company, that people will like you and want to work with you.

You definitely need some type of “Shop with confidence” box on here that’s clearly telling people exactly what the refund policy is, what your shipping policy is, how fast they’ll get it, is it made in the USA, is it healthy for what kinds of pets. Five clear bullets with a “Shop with confidence” box right here.

As I click on an item, I click on this Timothy Hay right here. Right now, the text is all jumbled up right here with the “Add to cart.” Everything is all flat in one color. So nothing is contrasting and pulling my eye.

The most important part of this page is actually this “Add to cart” button right here. This is very hard to see. It should be rounded and really look like a button.

Photos, fonts, and text size

As I scroll down here, it’s just text after text after text. It’s really hard to read. This dark gray on gray background, very hard to read text. The text should be bigger, with clear security icons, shows people exactly how they can pay, with what credit cards, what security symbols, and also the ability to learn more about your company.

It shouldn’t say, “Main website.” It should say, “About us. Learn about our company.”

Header navigation

The whole header navigation needs a lot of work. The right column, “Top sellers.” This is confusing. Why are you telling me these are the top sellers if this is the product that I just clicked on and may want?

Because right now, I have no idea what this product is. Where do you say that? Okay, it’s, “A true, premium 2nd cutting Timothy Hay delivered fresh to your door.” It should have a picture of a rabbit here. If it’s for rabbits, have a picture of a rabbit. If it’s for hamsters, have a picture of hamsters. No one’s going to sit around and watch this video.

You need to clearly explain what your page is supposed to do, and make sure they’ll be able to understand it within just two seconds.

Add to cart

Let’s go ahead and add this to a cart. Right here, the image is very, very small. The text is small as well. This area is not bad. But all the buttons being the small color, nothing stands out as what you really want me to do.

This needs to say, “100% secure shopping cart. Click ‘Proceed to cart’ to continue.” This “Proceed to cart” button should be another color around it, looking like a button. You click on that, and that’s when you actually checkout.

Looking at this, all of these form elements could be a lot bigger, with a different color background. When you click on them, they can change colors, so people can know that you’re actually filling this out.

One page checkout

But having this one-page checkout is great. It just needs some better labels, some clearer buttons, and I think you’re off to the races. You can utilize your existing shopping cart and make some dramatic improvements in the short term especially.


SmallPetSelect.com homepageLet’s look at rabbit food online. I see that you’re driving the majority of your traffic to your home page.

“Number one rabbit food online.” When I arrive here, “The #1 hay for small pets.” That doesn’t match the message correctly to your landing page. Even if you use your home page, you need to figure out a way to dynamically change your header based on what query they had in their search results.

“The #1 rabbit food. The #1 rabbit food delivered fresh to your door.” You’re missing that component of your landing page.

Other examples

Now let’s see what consistency these sites have that you’re not doing. Look, they’re searching for rabbit food. They have a picture of a rabbit, along with a picture of the actual bag. They’re branding their product specifically to rabbit food. Other animals had the option there, but specifically making it easy to read. People want to know what the ingredients are, so you can sell it to them. Very nicely set up right there. Great example.

Let’s look here. This is a local search result. This is local to me. Let’s move on.

A category listing with Walmart. But even though you searched for rabbit food, you’re now getting the search results specifically for rabbit food.

This is something you want to try too. You have an e-commerce store. You should try to do this. List out all the different variety of your rabbit food in the search results.

Another one similar to the way Walmart did it, but they allow you to show that there’s different options right there. So you don’t have to look around. This is the main focal point. I didn’t even look at this whole area. Even though they have all this navigation going on at the top, I didn’t even look at that part. All I did was look at this “Add to cart” area.

This is a nice example showing different brands, sale items. Goat’s milk at Wag.com. I didn’t particularly like that landing page, but they do a good job of selecting your pet here with this quiz action, and then choosing the brand and getting to the next spot.

You can easily do that. By doing this, you find out what people are interested in. So if the majority of people are just coming to you for rabbits, spend 80% of all of your advertising dollars just on rabbits.

Check Google Analytics for Optimization Points

A quick visit to Google Analytics reveals that your website is receiving a good amount of traffic. Look at the top trafficked landing pages. Go into site content, all pages.

Aside from the home page, which was sending all your traffic, you’re also getting traffic to the guinea pig names page. You’re also getting a ton of traffic to this page as well.

So we’re going to use the home page, guinea pig, male rabbit names, Timothy Hay, guinea pig name for boys, and female rabbits. We’re probably going to use these top seven pages, along with the cart, to be our optimization points to start.

When people arrive here from “guinea pig names for girls,” there is just no call to action whatsoever related to your brand. You could be utilizing the same opportunity within the pages that you’re already receiving a lot of traffic for. Within the last month, you got almost 9,000 visits for this particular page. You could be converting a lot more people just by optimizing this page alone.

I also recommend creating specific landing pages for the animals, taking your home page and breaking that up into separate different pages as well.

But we’ll also look at your bounce rate. We’ll go ahead and look at top pages by bounce rate. We don’t care about the ones with 100%. They’re not receiving any traffic anyway.

As this loads, we’ll see what pages are getting the most traffic and have the highest bounce rate. Here, “Rabbit guide. How long do rabbits live?” It received 2,200 visits, but has a 95% bounce rate. Let’s look at those pages and find out ways to decrease the bounce rate by getting more clicks. Trust me, no one is going to the top up here and clicking “Shop now.” They’re scrolling all the way down and then clicking goodbye.

There is a lot of opportunity within many aspects of your web analytics and your top trafficked pages so far.

You’re also not counting goals correctly. You probably are, but it seems like you’re double or triple counting for total goals. I think the goal that we want to look at is checkout, which is great. I could see that here, 59, 48, 77, 33, 51 that you may be tracking correctly. But we need to create a baseline to ensure everything is tracking properly. Then figure out how many of each of your top trafficked pages are receiving conversion rates.

Once we can measure that aspect, we can tweak the conversion rate and increase your revenue for your top trafficked pages, and then apply that to existing pages across your whole site. That will, in return, lift your whole bottom line and increase your profit.

I hope this is helpful. This is just the start of our discovery process to improve your conversion rates.

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