Conversion and Marketing Optimization

Written by Alex Harris

OLI GARDNER from Unbounce gives his definition of Optimization from a Conversion and Marketing Perspective.

Oli Gardner – Unbounce Conversion Centered DesignWell, there’s the kind of myopic perspective that optimization is just making things better. When you make things better, things are better, right? You make more money. But that’s a little simplistic.

For me, optimization is all about your brand. When you can understand your customers better, what resonates with them, and talk to them in a way that aligns with how they feel about you, you’re creating a brand, right? So by optimizing this experience based on how they feel, how they want to interact with you, that’s going to translate into revenue.

But you’re also going to be optimizing from A to B to C to D to E, right? It’s a progression. The more you learn about someone or your customers, the more you can kind of do in order. If you’re just randomly picking things, then you may go from A to D to F, back to B. You’re not really making the progression. You’re not affecting your brand in a way that’s going to lead to long-term success.

So for me, the optimization goal should be to understand, not just improve.

What is your definition of optimization?

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