Why you should be consistent in order to stay relevant

Written by Alex Harris


Every day, your customers are barraged with countless marketing messages, so they end up filtering out the content that they feel is not relevant to them. They do away with products, services, and information that do not solve their problems. The Internet is full of information, and unless your content is relevant, it will be considered unnecessary noise and will be ignored.

You must keep in mind that for your message to be received, and received well by your intended audience, you need to compete for the attention of your social customers. There are generally two ways to achieve this. The first is to have omnipresence on social networking sites and launch the same message across multiple customer touch points. Being omnipresent means utilizing digital media to your advantage, including using paid media, earned media, and owned media to reach consumers with basically the same message. Paid media includes display ads, search, and broadcast, among others, while earned media includes events and influencer and advocate outreach programs. Meanwhile, owned media includes popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others.

Consistency is the key to staying relevant. Your marketing materials must be in line with your message, which should be clear and never cluttered. Bombarding your market with messages that do not seem to have any sense of direction can confuse and alienate them. Recent studies show that for people to actually believe a certain message, they need to hear, read, and/or see it at least three to five times. This is why the content that you post on your ecommerce site must resonate across your social media posts, your email marketing efforts, and finally, with your display ads, banner ads, and pay per click efforts.

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