Conferences + Networking Improve Your Career

Written by Alex Harris

I’ve been going to conferences since the beginning of my web design career. It started with Flash Forward and Photoshop World that lead me to Future of Web Apps and SXSW. Each one of these conferences had a major influence on my career. It was more about who I met, then what I really learned. Networking, plus photography/video introduced me to a lot of great people. Years later, I still leverage these relationships to improve my career even further.

WebCongress MiamiIn November 2013, I attended WebCongress in Miami Florida. This conference was the beginning of a launch plan for my new podcast. At WebCongress I interviewed some of the best speakers. The interviews that really inspired me where from two teenage boys that are creating mobile / ios apps. The videos below show how much opportunity conferences and networking can improve your career.

Next conference for me is New Media Expo in Vegas. Will I see you at NMX?

Michael Sayman can be found at

Michael Sayman is a teenage mobile game and app developer from Miami, Florida. He gave talk at WebCongress about his social game in the app store called 4 Snaps. He also discusses mobile apps and games using word of mouth mlus feedback. Marketing an app is carefully planned. His talk was about understanding what makes users connect with the app and influence them to share it. Getting feedback and learning how the people interact and talk about the app.

Jordan Casey can be found at Casey Games.

Jordan Casey is 13 years and founder and CEO of CaseyGames and Teachware. He started programming at the age of 9. He has created a few games for the app store. Now he is working on Teachware, which is a cloud based student management system. He is using press and word of mouth marketing to promote his products. He also talk about the balance of being a student and building his network.

It’s a great time for young entrepreneurs!

One of the conference that really boosted my career was FOWA from Ryan Carson. View my interview with Ryan and see how inspired my hustle.

Ryan Carson is the CEO of Treehouse

Want to be a guest on the show? Email alex at

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