Your Compelling Why is the Foundation for Progress

Written by Alex Harris

Compelling Why

Compelling WhyWelcome to a new year and my challenge to write 500-1000 words a day for 90 days. Join me in the challenge. This post is not editted yet…

I am always unsure of where to start, but then the words come out. Stop telling yourself you need to find your voice. The grammar won’t be perfect because there is always time to go back and review int he future. For now, lets get these thought on paper.

It’s now the new year and I’m ready to make some real changes in my life. The new year is really the best time to refresh your mind and start of on the right track for new habits. Usually I will blame it on my A.D.D. and then runs to do something else to avoid writing. Today is the hardest day because I am so bad with cold turkey. I need to ease into new habits. I guess I just put to much pressure on myself trying to ensure things are perfect or I get the right message across. So why am I rambling?

Well today I ready to challenging myself, I want to write a book this year. The idea is all about progress and once you find the right flow of momentum in your life then you can be happy along the way. There are so many challenges in life that we face. We each have our own, but together – you and I. Or even me and myself. We can make happy progress.

So what do you want to change this year? I want probably the same things as you. More love, more money, more freedom and more stuff. Yet everyday as I get older I start to realize what is really important. Do we really need more stuff? Do you want more money? Of course we do, but it may lead to just more problems. I think what I need in my life is better people. Sure, I have great friends and family. Yet, I want to be so much further along this year to achieve exponential growth in each area of my life.

What does this year have in store for you? Maybe your kids are about to go to college or you are about to go to college. For me, I don’t have kids yet and I want to change that now that I married. So improving my current relationships is my top priority. How do I do that? Progress.

Now I am focused on changing my mindset to not be a workaholic. This year will be about focus, working on only the right things at the right time and nothing else. Now these are difficult habits to change. I shifted my focus to Smart Thinking. Make the right choices at the right time and raising my standards. For instance, my work schedule. I usually work about 10-10 most days of the week unless I am traveling. That is a good schedule, but now I want to really utilize my time efficiently while I’m on the computer. When I get to work, be really focused on what I need to get done then get off computer. Or at least out of the house.

Raising your standards is all about deciding today how much you will live in 2014. And in order to live you have to give. Creating this new site and podcast is my platform to reach more link-minded people like you and we can grow together. The way it works is first defining your compelling why.

You compelling why is going to be the foundation of everything you stand for and rely upon in the upcoming year. That why may mean many different things but it will be the anchor for the map that we will create together. My why is all about family. My family is very small but I really want to grow it. In order for my wife to be ready to have kids, then I need to fix some things in my relationships, my business and my communication. Basically everything needed to keep maturing.

My wife and I have been together since 2001, but we just got married in Oct 2012. She is my dream girl and I am so thankful she is in my life. Yet in order to have a happy life, you need a happy life. It’s what ever it takes. My why is to go out of my way to ensure she is comfortable and ready to have kids. This also mean I need to be financially stable and my work like needs to be balanced. I can’t be working these crazy hours when its time to change a diaper. This is what my happy progress is all about this year. Focusing on the improving the foundation for my compelling why.

Does this sound familiar to you? How are you going to take advantage of 2014 and dramatically make a difference in your life, your business and your future?

What is your compelling why?

Please consider subscribing to the podcast and leaving a comment below. Tell me what is your why and what your goals are this year.

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