Web Application Design – College & Education

Written by Alex Harris

Summary: University had numerous (hard to use) internet softwares for professors & students. We improved and transformed these into one easy to use Web Application

Icons For Education App
Usually colleges, like large companies believe complex website (app) redesigns take a lot of time. Sophisticated sites CAN be revamped quickly. The hardest challenge should be the (correct) design & ease of use. Then the developers just follow the prototype you created for them. This project was very complicated because the University had numerous (hard to use) internet software that they were using for years.

The design drafts were completed quickly because we spent a lot of time and “back and forth” collaboration on the black & white wireframes with the college marketing staff. The beta version for this Student Education Web Software App launched in 2010, but there are many more cool features on the way.

Below are a few prototype designs for theme of the application. It’s brief and can’t explain them all right now until they go live. Later I’ll post a working demo, but the app screenshots will have to do for now.

Client Testimonial

“Franklin University hired Alex in 2009 to redesign the institutional website at www.franklin.edu. Alex’s deep understanding of standards compliant site architecture, user interface optimization, SEO-centric design and coding, and his ability to intuitively grasp institutional business goals and their implications for the design of the public-facing site were unparalleled amongst the list of candidates for the contract. Needless to say, our expectations were high – and Alex delivered on all of them, often above and beyond reasonable expectation. He delivers no matter the circumstance, and his output is exceptional in every way. In fact, our first experience with Alex and the positive results that came from it led us to hire him again to redesign the portal for our customized learning management system that all Franklin University students use on a daily basis. He did an excellent job with that project as well.

We would hire Alex again without any hesitation. He does exceptional work.”

Director of Web Marketing,
Franklin University

Web App Prototype – Design, HTML, CSS & JavaScript

College Education Dashboard

College education App

Student Calendar Software

College education App

Interactive Application Examples

College education App

Old Interfaces Viewed In Overlays

College education App

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