Buy Promotional Products Online Ecommerce Website Review

Written by Alex Harris

Welcome to another website review where I show you how to increase your conversion rates and generate more leads.

Binaco site homepageToday we will review websites that has promotional products. It says “Blanket special! Your global source for promotional products.” Interesting. Items that make your logo shine.

Well, I certainly think it needs a bit of an upgrade. It looks a bit like a generic site. Let me see if I can find out what keywords you’re targeting.

For SEO, the keyword title is way too generic, “Your global source for promotional products.” It should be something like, “Promotional products,” “Personalized personal products,” or something similar.

Remember that the trick to marketing and headlines and unique value propositions is talking in the customers’ language. Just because someone’s looking for particular promotional products doesn’t mean they’re in the right place for them. Then what benefit do they get out of it?

You should be able to know the answer to these questions: who are you, why are you here, and why should I care?

4imprint site homepageThis next site looks interesting. “Our 365-day guarantee. One-time shipment. Lowest prices. Satisfaction.” It even has a picture of the president. This is a great way to increase your credibility and improve your authority, to get people to understand exactly what you want them to do.

What’s hot right now. Telling people what to buy. Close out the sale. Telling people what’s actually on sale. Last-minute items. Slashed sale prices. Then reinforcing it with what I believe to be review stars.

So it’s not necessarily the most organized site, but having real people telling you that it’s easy, that you can get free samples, tells you exactly what to do, is what I think you’re missing here. Because people might be interested in cheese sets, but that’s not necessarily what they may be coming for. If people are looking for cheese sets, buy keyword advertising specifically for cheese sets, and then send them to this particular page.

Binaco site cheese set product pageAt the very top of your category page, tell them that they’re on the cheese sets page. Your images are also taking a long time to load – make sure to fix this.

New arrivals, products. You’re missing a sales category – bestsellers. Having those items at the very top is very important.

Have a clear phone number. The majority of people are not going to buy promotional items with their own logo for their upcoming business if they can’t call.

4imprint site footerScroll down to the bottom. Customer testimonials. Clear footer with credibility.

People like to buy other things that other people have bought and when they know that there’s support for the claims that you’re offering. These are the awards they have won. It’s a credible source. Now, you have the opportunity to know about them through their Better Business Bureau. I strongly recommend testing Better Business Bureau at least for a month or so to figure out if that’s actually going to increase.

What you want to do with Better Business Bureau and Norton is to put them in the header.

EnergyFirst site homepageIn the video, we’ll also show you a quick example of a site that we’re optimizing right now. We just changed this whole site to redo their navigation, to get more people to the right products at the right time.

So we segmented it by specific supplements: whey protein powder, green drink, omega oils, and protein bars. But if you look at the very top, there’s McAfee and Better Business Bureau. People want to be sure that the claims you’re giving has support. They’re thinking, “So how are these items going to benefit me a lot better?”

This one’s not a bad slider. As you scroll through it, it’s clear and easy to understand. Printed mason jars, custom t-shirts. The text is in the exact same place the whole time, so your eyes don’t need to wander around the entire site.

First-time visitors. You can easily set up cookies to figure out if people are first-time visitors or returning. I highly recommend giving a special offer to first-time visitors.

A clear phone number, a clear cart. Compared to this one, you actually need to maybe register or login before you actually see what’s in the cart. Yeah, I don’t even know how to order from this website, It doesn’t even match the URL. And there’s no way to call. I have to actually register to figure out how to order.

If you do have any questions or you want to reach out to me, I do help a lot of companies with this. We go through web analytics and user experience to really figure out where the pain points are, where people drop out, what people are clicking on. Then we find those quick wins. Where are you making 80% of your revenue off of 20% of your products?

About me

I’m a website designer focused on improving conversion rates and maximizing return on investment from your marketing campaigns. I’ve been doing this now for about 13 to 14 years. I originally worked at a dot-com for 11 of those years. Now I work at home as a freelance web designer. We run a small team, helping people to create their WordPress sites, their e-commerce sites, and landing pages.

If you want to learn more, you can visit me at

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