Building your own e-Commerce website

Written by Alex Harris

building your own ecommerce website

Building your own e-Commerce website requires a bit of work, depending on how much control and involvement you want.


There are two ways to go about it – you can choose to either opt for Hosted Shopping Carts, or Self-hosted shopping carts. This post will provide a quick overview of both options.


Hosted Shopping Carts

Hosted shopping carts are ideal for those who want to start selling right away. The main advantage of hosted shopping carts is that they are user-friendly. You do not need coding or technical knowledge to get started and maintain your website. You can set up your site with just a few clicks, and drag and drop images and galleries. It is also designed to accept credit cards or PayPal without requiring special set up.

Shopify and Bigcommerce are two of the best places to set your eCommerce website. Both feature great themes and excellent apps to accommodate the needs of your growing business.

The main trade-off, however, for hosted shopping carts’ user-friendly interface is that it offers little to no flexibility. This is because everything has been “preset” for you, thus limiting your choices in terms of layout, design, and functionality.

Self-hosted Shopping Carts

Those who want more control over their website can benefit from having a self-hosted shopping cart. It is a better choice for those who want more flexibility in design. Because the scope is larger as far as functionality is concerned, you can operate your business at a much larger scale. This option is perfect for those who want total control not only over the look and feel of your site, but also with how you want your website to work and how you intend to maintain it.

Magento is a good place to start if you want to go by this route. It is a free, open source software that you download and customize depending on how you want your site to look. It also allows you to inject some SEO elements into your e-Commerce site, which definitely helps in driving traffic to your website. You  will also need a payment processor, web hosting, domain name, and security.

The major drawback with self-hosted shopping carts is that it can be a bit challenging to master if you do not know coding. However, if you want a website that is unique and whose elements you can have total control over, it is definitely worth the effort.

Both options have their pros and cons – your choice will have to depend on your business needs, so make sure to evaluate them carefully.

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