Boost Your Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique

Written by Alex Harris


pomodoroI am excited for this new year, 2015. It is here, and one of the main ways I am going to accomplish the goals that I set for myself is to really improve my productivity. One of the main ways I usually do that is using the Pomodoro Technique. I have known about the technique for a long time but last year, I joined this challenge called the Millionaire Hustlers. During that time, we are given challenges to try different productivity techniques. A couple of the ones that I used were the Friday 15, which basically meant that every Friday, you spend 15 minutes to really clean up your desk in order to organize for the following week, along with the Pomodoro Technique.


I essentially just downloaded an app that allows you to time yourself for every 25 minutes. Every 25 minutes, you focus on one specific task that you’re gonna accomplish and then you take a break for 5 minutes. Every time you complete 25 minutes, then you get an extra pomodoro, a tomato. You fill in that hole and you’re game-fying your activity. This is really a game changer if you really wanna improve a lot in a shorter period of time. I have decreased the time that I use to do client work from 60 hours weekly to under 40 and I get twice as much done.

pomodoro-tecnique-mobile-ios-appNow, this technique dramatically increases your success – I have seen increases in revenue, in lead generation, and overall productivity from using this technique. Just the other day I was just talking to my VA, Rica, (who is probably editing this post right now), about doing things in 90-minute intervals. Nothing that I give her, or nothing that I do, for that matter, really should take more than 90 minutes. 90 minutes is a long time, but what you wanna do is break those up into small intervals using the Pomodoro Technique – 25-25-25-25, with 5-minute increments of rest in between. You wanna stretch and do something completely different during those 5 minutes. You will accomplish a lot more in a shorter period of time. That’s my number one tip for this year for you to accomplish a lot more. Try the Pomodoro Technique for yourself to increase your productivity and accomplish all of your goals in 2015. If there are any productivity hacks that you wanna share, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

Apps to use the Pomodoro Technique

The main app that I use to accomplish this technique is called “Pomodoro Timer: Focus on your productivity and beat procrastination using the Pomodoro Technique”.  Pomodoro Timer helps you boost your productivity using the Pomodoro Technique™, one of the most effective time management methods out there. Not only will you get a fully configurable timer that lets you customize every aspect of the technique, but you will also enjoy a clear and beautiful user interface.

To get this free app, visit the iTunes app store here.

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