BigCommerce VS Volusion: Which One Works Best for You?

Written by Alex Harris


Volusion and BigCommerce are two ecommerce solutions that do not charge you any transaction fee for using their service, allowing you to run your store on a flat rate monthly. Because they are both free and are jam-packed with useful features, choosing the one that can ultimately help you grow your business can be confusing.

The Similarities

Signing up for both services entitles you to a personal consultant who will get in touch with you the moment you enrol by both email and phone. This is especially helpful because you have a direct contact person you can ask questions to and get help and support from.

Both Volusion and BigCommerce require a bit of studying to for you to figure out the location and function of all the files. Both shopping cart solutions, however, are great at segregating the shopping cart functionality from its aesthetic purposes. This means you do not have to deal with ASP or php code, ever. If you have a little HTML/CSS knowledge, then you can fully customize your store with minimal problems. Both solutions have abstracted out all the shopping cart functionality from the files you have access to, which means you can customize the look and feel of your store without having to fear that you’ll be breaking a core function. Furthermore, their templates allow you to set up a decent-looking store in record time.


Volusion’s advantage over BigCommerce

One of Volusion’s biggest advantages over BigCommerce is that it has been around longer, having been in the business for over a decade. This translates to thousands of shopping cards hosted and a vast library of tutorials and videos to help you set up your ecommerce site. This also means that they have a solid decade of experience in answering the most common ecommerce setup inquiries, and their FAQ pages cover just about anything you should know. They are also very stable, and everybody knows stability matters a lot in ecommerce.

Their support is also worth mentioning, as they offer 24/7 phone and email support. They also boast of a fully PCI compliant store, as well as the ability to send out email newsletters to customers.

BigCommerce and its edge over Volusion

Because it was launched more recently, BigCommerce has the advantage of being perceived as hipper and more modern, compared to Volusion. It has more templates that are more aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to create a better-looking store off the bat. It also has a drag and drop interface that lets you reposition key shopping cart elements using just your mouse, making designing your site easier and more convenient. It also allows you to preview your shopping card graphically, quickly rearrange things around and see what design looks best, before you set your design in place.

BigCommerce shares a lot of similar features with Volusion, with a few minor additions, such as social media toolbars and YouTube video integration. One major, useful feature it has that Volusion doesn’t is the ability to generate abandoned shopping cart reports, which outlines when, where, and how often a customer enters information, but does not proceed with the purchase.

The Lowdown

Your choice of ecommerce solution depends largely on your needs, as both Volusion and BigCommerce are very reliable, convenient, and feature-packed. If you want 24/7 support and a wealth of information while setting up your ecommerce store, Volusion is the best option, while BigCommerce is the obvious choice if you want a better-looking store off the box.

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