Best practices for website funnel optimization and lead conversion

Written by Alex Harris

I was recently a guest on the Technology Advice Expert Interview Series, hosted by Clark Buckner. Our conversation revolved around my expertise, conversion optimization, and one of the most interesting questions I was asked was regarding the most common mistake people make with user flow and site optimization.

When I first started on the web, everything we did was about the funnel and the user flow. We brought people through in the best marketing automation sequences. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is creating a funnel, and then not optimizing it and then making assumptions about the user experience.

What you want to do is create an experience that meets your ideal customer’s needs. It has to solve a specific problem. It allows you to figure out the keywords that are driving the most clicks and most conversions, so you can remove all the unnecessary keywords, as well as all the negative key words. You can then have a better CPL and a better return on your investment from the quality of traffic coming over.

Then, you want to capture as much data along the way so you can directly tie the query — what they typed into Google– to the landing page and the problem that you’re solving on those individual pages. That way you can answer all the questions that people have to ensure that you tweak your experience to make more money from the existing ads.

Importance of user flow and the ideal click map

The user flow is really important. I call it the ideal click map. It is necessary that you know your ideal customer – what their pains, problems, and desires are. Then you want to address the needs that they have and solve the problem from the query they just came from.

That’s how you create an ideal experience for them, an ideal click map. You need to remember that in e-commerce, it’s not a direct funnel. People arrive on a landing page and you want them to click on maybe your best sellers or lead generation form. You don’t want to assume what you have for them is always the best offer. You need to continuously test and try different things because eventually, it could become stale and you could be marketing a wrong thing.

Conversion rate optimization = constant improvement

My best advice, I suppose, would be to never settle. Always continuously try to beat your baseline. After all, that’s what conversion optimization is all about – continuous improvement to make more profit. Test your headlines, call to actions, user experience, and the ads that are coming over. Then, once you know what’s really working, you put that all together into the ideal map. It may be daunting, but it is extremely rewarding and well worth the effort, because you will then have an experience that you can replicate for any problem or product that you have for all of your different working campaigns.

Once you know what’s working on one campaign, you can clone that campaign and use it on your mobile traffic, on your social media traffic, on your email marketing traffic, or your natural search traffic. The web has moved to being more personalized, as we talked about earlier, but more of a segmented marketing channel. So you want to treat each channel differently while meeting the needs of the customer.

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This podcast was created and published by TechnologyAdvice. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.

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