Authentic, believable content: How it can help you stay relevant

Written by Alex Harris

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Through the years, it has been said that in digital media, content is king. This is especially true nowadays, with search engines placing more importance in relevant content than on keyword usage. It is no longer enough that you use keywords properly throughout your site and that you have links in online directories and social bookmarking sites. If you want to stay ahead of your competition and snag a prime spot in the SERPs – that is, on the first page – you have to give Internet users content that is relevant to them. It has to be something that they can use, and, more importantly, something that serves as a solution to the problems they may have.

Being consistent with your content, from what is in your ecommerce site to what is being promoted via your social media posts, to what is being reinforced in your email marketing efforts, is essential in staying relevant. This is to avoid alienating and confusing your readers with conflicting messages. Apart from being consistent, however, having content that is authentic – and believable – helps you achieve relevance and more importantly, credibility. With all the marketing messages proliferating online nowadays, you want to set yourself apart from the rest and a good way to do it is to have a unified, consistent message.

For example, you might be a provider of health food products and you advocate the Paleo lifestyle. Everything, from your web copywriting to your social media posts, to your weekly or monthly newsletters, must be encouraging your audience to eat the way cavemen did and to do away with refined, processed foods, carbs, and sugar. You can provide healthy recipes, motivational posts which can include success stories, tips and tricks, but you should never stray from your original message: that in order to achieve longevity, be free from diseases, and lose weight safely and keep the pounds off, Paleo is the way to go.
Citing examples and getting testimonials from people who have actually achieved success with Paleo is also a good way to build credibility and it makes your message – and in effect, your products – authentic. This can also help you build a strong community that will help strengthen your marketing efforts through word of mouth and incentivized social sharing.

Keep in mind that in order to stay connected to your target audience and for to keep them from disregarding your message, you have to provide them with something they can actually relate to, but most importantly, something they can believe in. Your content must be authentic and add value to them. It takes time to establish trust and build credibility, but the efforts will well be worth it when you see your audience – and eventually, your business – growing.

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