Angie Schottmuller – Social CRO Secrets – Conversion Optimist

Written by Alex Harris

This post discusses the series of Conversion Conference Sessions I attended.

Social CRO Secrets – Harnessing Customer Reviews, Photos & Stats for Remarkable Content & Conversion
Angie Schottmuller, Conversion Optimist

I couldn’t find the exact slides from her talk, but this presentation is similar.

Angie is a marketing technologist – a rare hybrid of a big picture strategic, technical-savvy, creatively persuasive digital marketer. She currently leads optimization at Three Deep Marketing for clients like Nestle USA, Gerber, Red Wing Shoes, Marvin Windows, and more. From optimizing landing pages, converting organic search traffic, or quantifying social media ROI – she excels harnessing complex technology and concepts and transforming them into simple, actionable strategies that drive meaningful results. Angie recently authored curriculum for the Art Institutes’ inaugural online marketing major and speaks internationally at conferences like SMX, SES, eMetrics, and Conversion Conference.

Angie aspires to deliver the “most actionable presentation” at every event. We challenge you to attend her session and hold her accountable! (Note: Don’t be misled by Angie’s big 80’s hair; her marketing thought leadership across search, social, and conversion is truly cutting edge.)

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