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Alex Harris - AlexDesignsAlex Harris is the president of the web design company Alex Designs LLC. He graduated from FSU in 1998 and then worked as creative director at eDiets.com from 2000 to 2011. The diet subscription website “eDiets.com” was a top ten advertiser during this time, and created one of the first “Free Diet Profiles.” This profile came to be known as a conversion funnel. Alex managed all the website creatives for the conversion funnel. These included optimizations of landing pages, e-mails, banners, and affiliate programs. In 2004, he took what he learned from A/B testing and created Alex Designs LLC.

Since 2000, Alex Designs LLC has designed and developed over one hundred different e-commerce websites. The company also has executed over five thousand different A/B and multivariate split tests. This includes creating dedicated landing pages, e-commerce optimization, and helping subscription-based websites make more money. The company’s goal is to help clients get the best web design, while improving conversions.

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