AlexDesigns serves the medical supply sector

Written by Alex Harris


AlexDesigns helps businesses from a wide variety of sectors and industries increase their conversion rates—and consequently, their revenue—through web design. Over the years, we have left a significantly positive mark on a number of companies in the medical supply sector.

Our work has predominantly involved the creation of websites, especially for use in ecommerce. Building ecommerce websites is often far more complex than it actually seems. This is because different companies have different needs. In fact, we have successfully created several variations of ecommerce sites, each designed to suit the unique requirements of the business.

The best web design, even for medical supply websites, is one that is not just good-looking but functional, too. You might notice that some websites follow the generic format wherein the homepage carries a menu that contains links to products, services, company information, and others. This is often used for companies that offer not just products but also a variety of services. For companies that are more equipment-oriented, you may notice that the menu follows a different format. This is to accommodate the different equipment categories and to make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Here are two of the companies we worked with:

Remote Medical International

RMI is a company that provides medical support services for remote environments worldwide. They offer products ranging from medical equipment to pharmaceuticals, as well as training and consulting services. RMI was one of the first companies within this industry that we worked with.

Jafari Medical Supply

Jafari is a provider of a whole range of medical equipment. Their products include beds and accessories, pain management devices, and supplements, to name a few. They also carry products for the protection of medical personnel.

We are proud of the work that we have done over the years. It is always our goal to bring about something good for for our clients and the customers they serve. For more details about our past work, visit

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