AlexDesigns provides boost for health and fitness sector

Written by Alex Harris

Healthy food

As people understand the value of good health, the demand for products that promote physical health and fitness see an increase. AlexDesigns has been providing a number of web-related services to help sellers stand out from the competition, convert more leads, and accommodate customers better.

With the development of ecommerce websites, the Internet has become a convenient channel for trade and other transactions. Customers and sellers alike benefit from the speedy, convenient, and mobile exchange of information. Contrary to popular belief however, not all ecommerce websites are created equal and merely having one is not enough to secure revenue for the seller.

Web creation and design play an uncanny role in securing not just potential clients’ attention, but also their desire to make a purchase. AlexDesigns has had the chance to work with a number of companies from the health and fitness sector, creating or enhancing existing ecommerce websites to increase their effectiveness as channels for trade.

Considering the nature of the Internet, there are times when clients need more than just plain web design. AlexDesigns provides expert conversion rate optimization services that can help secure a greater number of converted leads for the business. These services can be integrated seamlessly into the web design to create a more holistic solution that holds more potential benefits for the company.

Here are some of the companies that AlexDesigns has worked with through the years:

Adego Marketing

Adego Marketing is a provider of digital marketing services. AlexDesigns has worked with Adego in creating customised responsive landing pages for companies in the health and fitness industry. In one instance, AlexDesigns worked on gathering leads for a free sample of a healthy snack, creating a lead that works especially well even when viewed through mobile devices.


EnergyFirst sells a wide variety of health and fitness drinks and supplements. AlexDesigns helped the company in putting up a highly effective ecommerce page based on NetSuite. The company then trusted AlexDesigns with the creation of landing pages and the implementation of CRO strategies that raised their conversion rate by as much as 65% within 21 days.

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