Jay Abraham: Negotiations, Funnel Vision and Being Preeminent

Written by Alex Harris

Jay Abraham Preeminent

Listening to a conference with Jay Abraham called “”. The original page is located here.

Here are my notes from the very interesting conversation by Jay Abraham

Universal Factors that rally apply to everything, not just negotiations.

Understanding whatever your objective is. Why & How? Refrain everything for others.

Funnel Vision
Hard to understand this concept and staying continue in your business to just do best practice.
Trying to understand everything you don’t know then come up with break-throughs.
Cross industries. See your world in 3D and anticipate the next step.

The best people try to understand everything else. Borrowing elements from different areas in life and find the influences.

Jay Abraham Preeminent

Preeminent: Surpassing all others; very distinguished in some way.

Elements of preeminent
Will go in to how this relates to negotiating, recruiting and ect

  1. Shift in focus on leadership
    Be the most trusted adviser to the people you sell to. Every shot in pool is strategic.
    Falling in love with the people you sell you, marketing.
  2. Embrace emphathy
    The ability to appreciate and feel what is like to be in the other persons shows. Take the time to transcend from your work to theirs. You can own the world because most people don’t. Listen better and try to be in their shoes. Reiterating what people say to you, showing that you clearly understand it.
  3. The key to being preeminent is helping people make focus
    Looking at every angle to anticipate the next turn, be ahead of the game.
  4. Giving people a clear vision on what your objectives are showing value
  5. Trying to get as much documentation on the market and have a board of advisers

The power is in getting people to trust you. Trust is a characteristic that you can market. Provide people with reasons why. The more logical it is, the more compelling.

You have the ability to accomplish whatever you want with or without capital. We are directly related to quantity of problems that we solve for others. The people that give examples of how to solve problems are the ones that can make a difference. People need to feel like they are on a mission while understanding people.

“You can’t empathize if you don’t take the time to transcend from your world to
theirs. The key to be preeminent is being externally focused, really grasping what
it’s like to be the you, not the you, the person aspiring towards the outcome, but
the person on the on the receiving end. When you understand intimately that
you can own the world ethically because most people don’t and ironically and
bizarrely and I’m telling you this as, it’s a courtesy at your young life.

I’m back to being preeminent and I’ll come back. Most people don’t know, in the
things you’re doing, most people don’t always know that what focus is until
they’ve made it. You got to help people get clear focus, because focus and clarity
give understanding and understanding give people power. Power is what allows
people to say yes. They clearly grasp the vision. They clearly trust the visionary.”
– Jay Abraham

Learning the power of upside leverage. Leverage is the key to negotiation and change. Figuring out all the different dynamics of a person and their business. Then help define each of those impact factors that could be measure that business. Testing different ways that companies that can convert. Learn optimization at every level. Learning the scope of options and possibilities. This is done by studying things outside of the best practice. Proactive critical thinking.

Value of lifetime sale = LIFETIME VALUE



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