7 Ways to Increase Sales and Leads from the Homepage of Your eCommerce Site

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

In celebration of my new book, I am releasing these audio blogs to help you increase your eCommerce conversion rates…

This may be the most important web page you have. This page will introduce your brand and outline the user experience for the rest of your website. This should be one of the main areas of your e-commerce site that you continue to improve. You should test sending traffic to this page versus a dedicated landing page. In many tests, we have found that conversion rates are higher for e-commerce websites when we send all the paid advertising to the product details, category, or a stand-alone landing page. This is something that could be different for each e-commerce store and something you need to test.

  1. Heat maps.
    Use heat map software like HotJar.com, Inspectlet.com or CrazyEgg.com to determine where people are clicking on your home page. Once you determine where people are clicking on your home page, then you can optimize those sections of the page to get more people to the sections that you want them to visit.
  2. Clear direction.
    Give visitors direction with words and visuals to direct them on what to do next. Show people exactly where you want them to go to help them get to the products that they’re looking for.
  3. Set up segmented categories.
    Set up different product categories on your homepage to drive visitors to the right sections of your website. You may have many different product categories on your e-commerce store, so have areas to click on your home page to get people to those categories. This is so they don’t have to think about where they need to navigate.
  4. Email opt-in area above the fold.
    Have a form above the fold to collect e-mail address for customers to get specials offers in their e-mail inbox.
  5. Educational information.
    Have how-to articles, demonstrations, and links to FAQs. This will help educate visitors about your products.
  6. Highlight best sellers.
    Tell people which items are your best sellers. This will help consumers find the products that most other people have purchased.
  7. Exit pop-ups.
    Add a “Wait, don’t go!” exit pop-up to help keep people on the site. You can use things like CartRocket.com, where a pop-up overlay will show up if people try to move their cursor up to the back button.