Buy Bicycle Parts Online Website Review for Web Sales

Written by Alex Harris

Welcome to another website review where I show you how to increase your conversion rates and generate more leads. homepageWe’ll be reviewing It’s an interesting topic, because I know the industry really well. I actually work on a few different biking sites.

What biking sites usually get wrong is that they try to market to every single type of biker. A downhill biker is very different than a road biker. So you don’t want to confuse people when they go to your site.

Let’s go through the different sections of the website.

Cycling shorts and bibs, wet cycling. Yes, that makes sense to me. But what if a mother was searching for a gift for her son when she’s about to go ride? It looks like they’re selling cyclo-cross stuff. I know that because I’m a biker. You should have a clear value proposition of what you mostly sell, like “The best road biking material,” then tell people exactly what to buy.

Bestseller section at BicyclingHub.comShop by men, shop by women, cycling accessories. Yes, that makes sense, but it’s very hard to understand that this is related to men and that this is related to women. You’re better off showing a picture of a man and a picture of a woman. This is a great way to actually cycle through and segment your audience to the right place.

Bestsellers. A great way to do it is having bestsellers with the reviews. It also looks like they’ve got a little SEO going on at the bottom.

Staff picks. You want to not make assumptions that people know exactly where to go.

Free shipping on the same day, easy returns, satisfaction guaranteed. They’re doing a great job of this right here. But I think there’s something missing here in this main navigation area. Maybe it’s buttons or clear call to actions. I would say, “View staff picks. View deals.” People aren’t necessarily ready to shop. You want to have a lowered barrier of entry call to action to get people to click on the right things at the right place.

Your social media stuff is a bit too big at the very, very top. But I really like that the phone number is big up there. “Free shipping on orders over $70.”

Category page. Click on men. There’s a picture of men. “Shop all items.” Hmm, this becomes a little bit confusing if you do not have faceted search. It looks like cycling jerseys, men’s cycling jerseys.

This is definitely the right way to do it, but I think you don’t want to guess. You want to figure out exactly how they’re doing it in the right way. Maybe look at your AdWords’ search terms and figure out what people’s intent is before they arrive at your site. Are they searching for women’s knickers for biking before they arrive at your site?

Let’s look at quickly to see what they do. Their sections include Bike tires, Nashbar, Performance, LL Bean, Cycling tights and pants, Women’s knickers, pants, and tights.

I know what knickers are because I ride. But many people might not know. Cycling tights and pants. It’s almost clear exactly what to do. homepageSo does a great job with this. They do a lot of testing. You can see that as soon as you arrive at the category pages, there’s faceted search here. You can organize by size, color. Within just two seconds, you have the exact product that you’re looking for.

There’s also an incentive if you join as a member. Having some loyalty or rewards will increase your acquisitions. “Free shipping with a $50 minimum.” Lowering your amount of free shipping will always get it. “100% satisfaction guaranteed,” if you’re an annual member getting a refund.

Let’s look at this one quickly, Nashbar. “72 items for 72 hours.” Creating a scarcity in promotions is a great way to get people to pull the trigger in a quicker period of time.

The exact same thing. Using faceted search, you can shop by brand. They collect an email address on the left-hand navigation. Join email list for exclusive steals and deals on the left-hand side. They have the secure shopping on the bottom left. Secure shopping, showing exactly what the options are, and how they actually purchase.

I don’t know why Nashbar doesn’t have an 1800 number. But you always really want to have the 1800 number in the top right. Then also potentially have it right underneath the “Add to cart” button.

“100% quality. Free shipping guaranteed.” A really good job there. This is good. It looks a little bit confusing with the user interface, but it is in stock and fast shipping.

A quick look at their checkout reveals that they’re using Yahoo! stores. Unfortunately there are errors right there.

The same thing with this one. Whatever is going on right here, this is impossible to read. This is currently not available or something, messaging. If you have error messaging, don’t make people think. It should be red and stand out.

Then you also want to include that “Shop with confidence” box. Tell people exactly when it’s going to be shipped, educate them on your return policy and if there is a guarantee, and how long you’ve been in business.

If you do have any questions or you want to reach out to me, I do help a lot of companies with this. We go through web analytics and user experience to really figure out where the pain points are, where people drop out, what people are clicking on. Then we find those quick wins. Where are you making 80% of your revenue off of 20% of your products?

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