4 – Google Analytics

Written by Alex Harris

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Alex Harris

Hi, this is Alex Harris of alexdesigns.com and we have Dennis Carvalho. How you doing, Dennis?


I’m doing fantastic, how are you doing Alex?

Alex HarrisAlex

Good! We’re just chatting about Google Analytics and setting up our new clients and figuring the best use of Google Analytics. When I first started, I usually go into really defining out where will gonna spend the most time optimizing coz I try to find the traffic pages by going into behavior, side content and all pages usually. And I don’t Dennis if you’ve gone here yet. But aside from the top traffic pages, you know it’s gonna always be the homepage and other category pages. But not only we wanna find out the top traffic pages by page view, we also want to find out how much revenue each potential one of those is converting at, what the bounce rate is and that would really help will figure out where those areas are opportunity. Usually with ecommerce site, it’s gonna be include the homepage, card page but what are those additional pages that really are gonna make the difference on optimization processes. Dennis, have you found anything in Google analytics as far as top traffic pages that are helpful in your initial setups?

Dennis CarvalhoDennis

Yes, for the ecommerce site that I’m doing, you notice there’s 3 specific products. The products basically are in the homepage so I’m trying to figure out how to best optimize that and actually add a revenue figures to those products because the cost varies on per product.


Yeah, cool. That’s a great step. So you know the difference between all pages and landing pages under the behavior tab of Google analytics is really the only difference is that these specific landing pages are receiving direct traffic compared to all pages. So you can see the difference between maybe on natural search traffic first maybe they are doing for paid ads and if you want to find out if those products particularly on your homepage are receiving the same manner of traffic, you can just figure out if those top traffic pages show up in your Google Analytics versus in this case we should shopify in your shopify analytics as well. And that kind of help me narrow down on where the opportunity is to kind of optimize. Now, as far as the revenue is tracking, that’s all kind of related to goals and how you set up your code and I believe you do that under the admin and then you go into goals I believe and then as soon as you set a conversion, you can dynamically change the conversion rate or you can set what your average CPA cost is. And I think that’s initially where you set it up. And this is completely different than Google ad words tracking coz’ Google ad words tracking, you can dynamically change the revenue value but in Google Analytics, I don’t know if you can or not. Have you been able to get this far with your setup?


I know there’s some dynamic code to put in there from shopify, I just have to figure out where it is to mention.


Okay, cool! So that is a basic and general overview of initial setup of Google analytics using the top traffic pages, the top landing pages and the initial setting up those top traffic goals. And if you out there listening, you have questions with setting up your goals with Google analytics, this is a really general basic overview but in additional episodes, we’ll be going and talking about further ideas about how you can really optimize your revenue based on page. Thanks a lot, Dennis. We’ll be talking about more upcoming episodes about additional stuff like Google analytics.


Thanks Alex.

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