365 Days of Optimization

Written by Alex Harris

Wow. What a year it has been!

The year that was has been extra special for me because of the wonderful things I experienced – meeting new people, learning new things about optimization, and of course, counting a lot of successes despite having encountered some roadblocks. I also got to release a book, attend a lot of conferences, and interview the best in the industry.

Here are some of the fun things I have been up to lately:

This weekend I attended the 1 year anniversary of Podcast South Florida. This is a local meet-up in South Florida of Podcasting enthusiasts.

Here was us just starting out. Even then, we were all smiles!podcast south florida miami 305 marketing

Word must’ve gotten out that we’re a cool bunch, because the next time, our number doubled.
podcast south florida westpalm 561 marketing

And it just keeps growing! Yes, lots of happy people right there!podcast south florida broward 954 marketing

Being around these wonderful people reminded me of how much we’ve accomplished in only 365 days.

This was the year I was really going to focus on my public speaking.

This, my friends, is a feat, considering my communication skills needed a lot of work.
alex harris public speaking marketing expert

I wanted to accomplish a lot in short period of time. My goal was to create a new book and use that content to generate 2 or 3 public speeches. So I joined Michael Port’s Heroic Public Speaking Course. Now this was no ordinary public speaking course and event. Michael Port turns your speeches into a performance. After this experience over 5 months, I began to think differently about my presentations.

So I made an effort to speak or attend several of the top conferences that I spoke at or attended. This included Podcast Movement, CRO Day, Conversion World, ConversionXL Live, CTA conference, Wordcamp Miami, Barcamp Miami and Hero Conf Conversion Summit. Last year was also the first time that I attended Conversion Conference hosted by Tim Ash of SiteTuners. One year later, it was an honor to be able to speak at Conversion Conference in Las Vegas. Jitters notwithstanding, I think I did a pretty good job. I’ll still keep working on my public speaking skills, though.


Speaking at the top conference in my industry was an important goal for me. I need to force myself to get out of my comfort zone. Especially since I work at home and entrepreneurship can make you isolated. Being introverted and a poor communicator has always been a limiting belief for me. But when I get around like-minded people, I easily open up. The words flow, and I simply have fun.

The absolute best part of going to events and creating content is all about your community. Not a false personal branding, pitching or marketing yourself style of community. I’m talking real relationships with individuals you may call real friends over the years. These relationships become more than just professional. Yes, we help each other out to pimp our marketing online. But it’s so much deeper.

Taking your online relationships offline and creating lifetime friends is your ultimate key to success. It’s eye opening when you realize that many of your peers have similiar problems and struggles as you. It’s obvious that we have our issues, but its great to surround yourself with other like-minded friends. Then if you are willing to open up and reveal the true person you are, then your friends will be there to support you. This network will be the foundation of the rest of your career.

For those who do not know – yes, I’m an artist. I draw and paint, while being perfectly happy alone and in silence listening to my favorite jams.

Maybe because I’m getting old but now there is a force inside me that is demanding that I share my experiences with my audiences. Whether it is in my podcast, which is now about to hit 100 episodes. Or in my writing, my second book (within a year) is about to launch. Or in my 10 or so speeches I gave in the last 9 months. This year has been intentionally focused on getting to that next level of my career. To become a more competent communicator focused on helping others accomplish their entrepreneurial and marketing optimization goals.

To top off 2015, I just found out I booked another HUGE speaking gig. I can’t release the news yet, look for more details really soon.

Thank you for the wonderful year that was! Buckle up your seat belts and enjoy the ride – it’s about to get even more exciting!

What conferences are you attending in 2015 or 2016?

Post your comments or feedback below and please share this post with your friends.

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