19 – Landing Pages

Written by Alex Harris

conversion rate optimization mastermind podcast

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Alex, there’s lots of opinion about quality score and adwords and I just want to get your take on.

Alex HarrisAlex

Yeah. Well after doing thousands of different landing pages, all we do is working with the pay per click companies that I do work with to improve all these score and they keep on telling me there’s something clickable so the bounce rates go down so imagine that bounce rate has something major to do with it and also keyword relevancy including that the keyword whatever ad they coming over from is actually part of the page and then it’s actually search engine friendly so you really want to do the best practices of what a normal website would be if you load fast it should be essentially SEO keyword friendly and have a low bounce rate. And I think that’s really some of the major aspects of quality we need Frank.

Frank SalvatoreFrank

I would totally agree. Google just came out with a new video discussing quality score and they basically hit on the points just mentioned and I think ultimately from a ppc manager stand point focus on that click through, right? Because everything else factors in to it. I mean your ad relevance is well I guess not so much your landing page experience but your ad relevance factor the quality score and the big message that Google just kind of sit out there. Just not what a detailed metric that’s meant to be the focus to you activities coz’ I actually track quality score for all my clients like on a monthly basis to see on account level just to see how they’re performing results versus rips that you can do to track your quality score. And I think that you be aware of your quality score but it’s kind not of a deal all and all. You don’t wanna focus on quality score more than you focus on even things like click through raid or return of investment. It’s something to be aware of and another message that Google sent this latest video is that more of an indicator than a problem. If you have low quality score for keyword, you really wanna focus on it. But there’s other things that you keep on mind to do, it’s very industry specific. Some industries have lower quality score levels based on history. So the quality score of 4 in one industry may not actually be all that bad. When in another industry, the quality score of 7 or 8 may be kind of norms. In other words, you know it’s there but don’t be obsessed with the quality based on the score.


That’s really interesting. I didn’t even know that you can track your quality score is that something that you’re grabbing or recording for your clients? Is that something of ad words?


Yeah. Your quality score is on the keyword level and I track it. I don’t provide that information to my clients just to I think it’s too much data and it’s something they don’t need to worry about. But yeah I track that internally. I also have flags in my reporting so I know if Google is reporting a low quality score which could be a real problem that you wanna address.


I know that you do optimization of your landing pages. Have you seen that the trends change? Have you made changes to those landing pages?


To be honest, I’m really attracted to that closely with respect to quality score. When I change landing pages, I’m focused on conversions. It’s quality score is just really for a ram operating and local level. I’m not nearly concerned about this, I’m more concerned about metrics.


Well if you can learn more about Frank, you can check him out at flexleads.com. If you wanna learn more about me, I’m at alexdesigns.com and you wanna learn more about the mastermind group and learn the stuff that we talked about on adwords, conversions, traffic, all this good stuff. You can learn more about us at cromastermind.com.

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