19 Holiday Email Promotion Ideas for your eCommerce Small Business Website

Written by Alex Harris

This post is from the series “Boost eCommerce Sales and Leads”.

In celebration of my new book, I am releasing these audio blogs to help you increase your eCommerce conversion rates…

Here are a variety of promotions that you can create to really capitalize on the opportunities of the upcoming holiday season. These promotions can be implemented in different ways. The main form of marketing these promotions is through e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is the best way to increase your revenue while building a relationship with your customers. These promotions can also be created using banner display advertising, text links, and internal site promotions. I highly recommend you do all types of media promotions and drive the traffic to dedicated “special offer” landing pages that match the promotions.

1. Create promotions with scarcity. Have a deadline for sales. Have people think they are going to lose money if they don’t act now. Scarcity creates demand.

2. Offer free shipping. Using free shipping is one of the best ways to drive more sales to your website. Also, offer free shipping based on a minimum order amount. This will allow you to create specific promotions around your free shipping campaigns.

3. Offer preholiday sales promotions. Leading up to the holiday season, test different promotions based on prior holiday sales needs.

4. Have a Black Friday sale. Black Friday has become a very popular promotion for e-commerce sites. Reduce your items to the lowest cost possible to get an influx of new customers during Black Friday.

5. Implement Cyber Monday. Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become very popular. Send an e-mail on Cyber Monday, offering your lowest prices for specific items.

6. Offer specific holiday promotions. As the holidays come along, offer promotions specifically for each of the holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day. Specific holiday promotions will help you increase e-commerce sales over the holiday season.

7. Offer last-chance promotions. Offering the ability to get a specific e-commerce item at a last-chance sale will help increase its demand.

8. Offer after-holiday promotions. After the holiday has passed, send e-mail promotions about the holiday that ended. That way, people feel that they are getting an even bigger sale on your e-commerce campaigns.

9. Offer personalized e-mail promotions. If you have the ability to send personalized e-mail, I recommend that you do so to your most loyal customers.

10. Add gift card promotions to your e-mail marketing campaigns. Gift cards are a great way for you to increase sales of non-inventory items.

11. Cater to last-minute shoppers. E-commerce shoppers have a tendency to wait until the last minute to start shopping. Send out e-mail campaigns and advertisements specifically to tell people that there’s an opportunity to be a last-minute shopper.

12. Offer overstock and clearance sales. These are general promotions. Overstock and clearance sales are a great way to tell people that you have a sale and that there’s a bigger opportunity for them to save money.

13. Offer gifts under twenty-five dollars. People will want to save money. If you tell them up front and show them specific items that you have at a lower cost—let’s say, under twenty-five dollars—it will entice them to spend more money and buy your low-cost items.

14. Schedule your e-mails weeks in advance. That way, you are not waiting until the last minute to send your e-mail campaigns.

15. Add deadlines to your emails. Try sending your e-mail campaigns on Tuesday, with the sale ending on the upcoming Sunday. This deadline will increase urgency. This will improve the demand for that sale.

16. Test your e-mail campaigns for open rates, clicks, and conversions. Continuously test and improve your e-mail campaigns by trying different headlines to get better open rates, trying different calls to action to get different clicks, and trying different promotions to get more conversions.

17. Send VIP e-mail campaigns to your most loyal customers. Make exclusive content for your most loyal customers. This way, they will feel special and be enticed to spend more money at your e-commerce store.

18. Ask your e-mail subscribers to refer their friends and share your information on social media. This will help build your reach with your existing e-mail promotions.

19. Use coupon codes. Having a coupon code in your e-mail campaigns will provide incentive to complete a sale. This will help you improve conversion from your e-mail marketing campaigns.

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