17 – Pop Over Effects

Written by Alex Harris

conversion rate optimization mastermind podcast


Hey masterminders, we’re talking about the tactic of the no thanks link. You probably have seen many different pop over on conversion excel or quickbrowse.com or KISSmetrics. When you arrive in the page when you actually have to click that big no thanks, I don’t wanna increase my conversions or some type of negative type of call to action to actually close that pop over. We have Bobby here from the mastermind group we’re kind of analyzing the effect of this. What have you seen with these type of pop over effects, Bobby? 


So I’ve seen some pop overs what I can see in other places just as effectively so typically, you probably run into this more likely a pop over but I’ll tell you another case where they can also use just as effective or maybe even more effective. So in the pop over is you see the author and there’s a button to accept the author and underneath that there’s a text link usually says like no thanks. And the ninja tactic here is to change that no option typically there’s just adding a text link that has the same functionality as clicking the X that’s usually the top of the light box pop over or clicking outside of it. It closes the pop over but they’re using the logs conversion versus the alt button, no thanks or close link. Back maybe 8 years ago, you may see this implemented as a link that said close window. So the psychological effect here, the psychological principle based on is laws of version and laws of version, people are more prone to take action from potentially losing something from gaining something. So think of that button as the main call to action on what they’re gaining. So the pop over is opt in to this email list or guest lead magnet and click here to get it maybe it’s a 2 step process. You click the button and it opens up. Another thing where you put in that’s the laws of version – if you don’t take that action. So I’ve seen this on some cases where the text and button says or maybe it was for 25% discount opt in to get — And under that – text is no thanks I want my full price. So it kind of stop to track a little bit and make some think and maybe laugh some a little bit. But it sort of doesn’t interrupt in their heads where they have to think for a second and clicking on that text link no thanks, I want to pay full price is a little because I really don’t wanna pay full price. I don’t know what to put in my email ad so I got to click this button that says, I don’t wanna pay full price. So it’s more on fear than on the game.

Alex HarrisAlex

It’s something that you need for you to see and if it kind of works for you in your own way. There’s definitely different ways to do this. You don’t have to do it for your pop overs also, maybe you have some squeeze pages that you testing and people opting into the squeeze pages, you can have a link at the very bottom, No I don’t want to receive your offer, continue coz’ maybe people just want to learn about your website and actually pass through that thing and actually read your post, God forbid. But actually I’m testing this on one of my pages right with the release of my upcoming book. If you want to check it out, it’s alexdesigns.com/book but it’s a lead page and at the top, I have email fold opt in form and at the bottom if you scroll at the very very bottom, there’s the button that says right now, no thanks, continue. But I’m gonna test different laws version type of tactics. And then what I really love talking with you Bobby is that I didn’t really understand that it was called that and it totally makes sense to me now but I’m learning so much to you along the way. That’s what this show is really about.

David ProchaskaDavid

Yeah. You’re basically it’s averting that laws. So averting that laws by not clicking on – what you want, you click them.


That’s great. I don’t even need to take any more classes. I could just talk to you and record it and learn from you.


There’s so much basic psychology and it’s intertwining conversion optimization. That’s the reason why I love it so much. The other super ninja technique for this is I’m using all of my clients and it’s probably seen that much or talked about that much because it’s much further down the funnel and it’s lower and see it, you actually don’t have to buy something. So for number of my clients where I’m designing sales funnel, there are number of upsells and downsells in that sales funnel. So the only way to get to upsellers is to actually buy the lead magnet product. So once you bought the products, your customers now are in a sort of positive state so they’ve just purchased something and for all types of purposes, they’re happy and they’re going off in their head because – when we buy or we see something we like and we want. So they’re in this positive state already and then after that, they’re ready for upsell offer and all in up this offer for my clients, it’s usually a long form sales letter and there’s usually a button that says add to my order cart and all they have to do is click that one button and it will automatically add to the order but underneath that button, this is an opportunity to do that lots of version text and some of the text that I’m doing are actually in the test. I just simply had add to my order button and below that, I just had no thanks. When I tested that, this texts, no thanks, I’m willing to pass up this offer, I understand that this is a one time deal and I’ll never be offered of this product at this price again. That will really play into the laws of version way more than the previous example because it actually spells out what you’re losing. You’re losing this deal at this one time price and makes total sense because you’ve just purchased the previous item and that’s why you’re being offered with the second item at this super low deal. So it’s an exclusive offer placing to that laws of version and it’s right there at the exact same way to pop up.


Wow, I don’t know if I can handle this podcast. Actually I have four ideas to start testing but this is perfect. This is what we’re gonna talk about on this show so definitely subscribe it and give as a rating or review. We talked to Bobby on Twitter. Are you Bobby Hewitt?


Bobby Hewitt. @bobbyhewitt at Twitter. You can also go to freeconverter.com and download the conversion tools that I use. You can check me out at creativeforce.com.


Awesome Bobby and if you wanna learn more about us, you can check out more details of the mastermind group. We talk about this stuff pretty much every single week. You can check that out at cromastermind.com.

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