16 – Local Adwords

Written by Alex Harris

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Now we’re gonna chat how to generate quality leads and I think it’s a big difference in the local and national type of leads that you wanna generate. I know in my previous corporate drive, we would try to drive the national leads. We were selling softwares purpose on diet fitness company. So did you really matter where the leads came from but I know it’s a lot different from what you do Frank. So what would you say the big differences between adwords for local versus national campaigns?

Frank SalvatoreFrank

Probably the big difference in national versus local is you wanna emphasize local that would be in the ad, that would be also in the landing pages. You can use depending if you’re advertising a lot of local market and you can use dynamic keyword and search in adwords to you know make sure the adwords specific to the location that they are searching from and you can also do the same thing with landing pages. Landing pages using java script, you can actually change some of the text dynamically on a landing page. So if someone is searching for a plumbers in Denver where I am, the landing page can mention Denver plumbers. And within a metric reach, there’s a lot to different pockets. Like it’s not just Denver, there’s different smaller cities that surround Denver. So you could have the same landing page but you can dynamically modify the text so that appeals to that particular market because what the visitor wants to see if they’re searching for a plumber, I’ll use a smaller city. If they are searching for avatta plumbers, they wanna see in ads that mentions arvatta plumber. Not Denver plumbers but arvatta plumbers. When they click on that ad, they wanna be brought to a landing page that also talks about arvatta plumbers again, not Denver plumbers or just plumbers in your area. As tailored as you can make, the entire from the ads all the way to the landing pages to match their search query, that’s the goal.

Alex HarrisAlex

A lot of the other conversion experts they call it message match, being able to match that the ad to the landing page. As Frank said, you can do this with java script. You can do with php, you can do development language on what they are using but also you can actually do it with unbounce now. Unbounce landing pages could dynamically insert keywords or change pictures based on the ads they came from. If you wanna check that, you can visit unbounce.com and they can show you how to do that there. But also what I’ve seen with my landing page is changing the pictures based on where they’re coming from. I know in ecommerce we do campaigns the bike company I worked for is that it’s a big difference between selling a road bike versus a down hill bike versus maybe a beach cruiser. So if you’re in Florida and you’re selling beach cruisers, you wanna show a picture of that beach cruiser and maybe riding on a board walk. If you’re in Colorado, maybe showing a down hill mountain biker. Having that message match is one of the best ways for converting from the landing pages.


Absolutely. I’ve done this thing with images and also even if we’re talking local. I’ve done that with maps before where you can see a map of your area that just kind of breaks the home. It’s very specific to their area on the services that you’re providing.


Cool. Well if you have examples of local versus national landing pages or ad campaigns, we’d love to have you visit the website cromastermind.com to connect with us and ask questions or just engage with the community. Thanks a lot Frank.

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