13 – Google Analytics and Setting Sites

Written by Alex Harris

conversion rate optimization mastermind podcast

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Hi this is Alex Harris of alexdesigns.com and I have Dennis Carvalho here. How you doing Dennis?


I’m doing great. How you doing Alex?

Alex HarrisAlex

Great. We’re talking about Google Analytics and setting our ecommerce sites up to track as much data as possible to be beneficial in a long run. What we’re gonna talk about today is setting up what people are actually searching for on our website. The internal aspect of what people search for when they arrive at your site. What do they put in the little search field to find out maybe what they’re looking for? To do this using shopify, I would go into Google analytics admin area and click on view settings. At the very bottom there, there’s a section called site search settings. Right there, I just turn it on and there’s query parameter right there. The query perimeter is basically what show url field at the very very top when someone actually searches your website. In shopify, you’ll show up as the domain.com/search?q. And really what you want to learn up there is the variable q. All you wanna do is just take that variable, add q to the field and hit save. Going forward, your Google analytics will now show the terms that actually what people are searching for internally on your website. Dennis, have you done this for your clients so far?


I have. I have a client whose got a Shopify store font and we’re trying to maximize the products that people are purchasing. And we need to know exactly what things that they like and what things that they are looking for. So it’s very important for us.


The more you really get into the mind of the potential customer and understand what they’re looking for in your website, you can optimize the experience for them. Now if you wanna find out exactly what results to that shows, you can simply go to Google Analytics, click on reporting and then the behavior site search is the little section called, site search overview. You just click on that and as data comes in, it’ll now show what people are searching your own site for. And this is really beneficial because now you can tailor what people are searching for and it should increase your conversions overall. Dennis, let’s close just by telling people how they can find out more about you as well.

Dennis CarvalhoDennis

Well people can reach out to me. My website is called predictivereach.com. I’m a conversion rate optimizer for ecommerce sites.


Great! If you wanna find out more about our mastermind group, you can visit cromastermind.com for all the show notes and additional podcast episodes baked. See you guys on next episode.

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