10 – Adwords

Written by Alex Harris

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One of the things you keep in mind about adwords is it, it’s not set in for get it. If you’re starting out and you set up a campaign, you need to stand top of it. Adwords truly is survival of the fittest. Most of my clients are local but I do have one client that advertises to a larger audience. He does safaris to Africa and I’ve been fortune enough to go Kenya on Safari. And there is one animal that is in everywhere in Africa. And it’s impala, I’m sure most of your listeners have probably heard of it. And impala, it has very distinctive markings on its rear hunches, an M shaped like the art in Mcdonalds. And it actually referred to as fast food of the bush. And not just because impala are fast, but they are the favorite of the big hunters out there like the lion and hyenas. There everywhere and whenever an animal needs a quick bite to eat, impala is a very popular choice. And Adwords is a lot like the survival of the fittest. You need to continually testing and updating your campaign. One day, your campaign will look like a lion. If you don’t touch your campaign, for a couple days or week, you know, or even longer, your campaign is going to start looking like an impala. Your competition will make sure of that. You need to always have multiple ads competing against each other in your campaign. There’s need to be a constant battle, it’s always survival of the fittest. The same goes to your landing pages. You need to have multiple landing pages competing against each other. I need to be always working on your campaign and trying to improve it. Remove the week performers from your ad campaign or else your competitors are going to turn you into an impala basically.


I love it. Turn your adwords campaign into a lion and be able to really survive. You know, I find it really interesting because most of my clients are actually; they try to at least manage their adwords campaign themselves initially. I don’t understand it because there is no way that they can spend enough time managing it. Before we close up, are there some best tips to really manage that average campaign?

Yeah. There is some specific tips I would recommend using google built and tools whenever possible to try to automate things. I doesn’t mean you let google run everything but for example, if you’re running campaign locally, you want to use geo targeting. Just focus your ads, make sure they only shown in area where your target market actually is. There’s scheduling absent in google. You want to make sure that your only running ads when you can handle. A —- something coming in especially if your incoming lead requires a person on the other end of the line, you know like phone calls. Only runs ads when you can handle it. I mean, there’s very flexible targeting options. Then one other tip, you definitely want to just for starting out, there’s a budget control and about a thing ads. Just be sure to take advantage of that. You can start out very conservatively if you’re starting out on a campaign. Then you can expand your budget to fill for the campaign. Your campaign is almost always going to be inefficient when you start until you get a feel for what is actually going on. That’s one reason a lot of people become discourage when starting out with adwords. Adwords, you know you hear adwords are some work. It always start inefficient until you really get a hold of all things. So just try to use google tools as possible. Be conservative in your targeting and then you know, you get a hang of things, you can expand from there.


Yeah, there is really so much involve in managing adwords. And so I’ll recommend finding a professional to mange it for you. That way, you can manage your business but if you’re managing yourself, there ‘s different ways that, or your managing your client, there is some different ways to do that, talk about the MCC. You know what that is and why would you want set up for that client.

The MCC is just an easy way to get all of your client in one place. You know, this is for agency. If you have multiple clients, you can easily navigate through google interface so that you can mange account. All of my client has been set up through MCC. Mostly what I did through the MCC is just taking a quick look at things. When I actually manage a client account, I’m usually in adwords editor which is a tool that allow you to make multiple changes at the same time to client account. So adwords editor is the tool that I use the most. Obviously, like you said in the MCC, it’s kind of a good portal that google once you’re an agency that set up with so you can have all of your client account in one place. And google also has a very robust API. I use to use it with flex leads. I don’t use it nearly as much now. It’s just kind a hard for me to keep up with the coding. But with the API, you can make tons of changes through your own custom program.


Yeah. MCC is standing for my client center and adwords software that in browser. We manage multiple adwords campaign. And even me, I don’t do any management of adwords campaign but allows me to go to my clients campaign and looks at their conversion data. And also what keywords may, driving most traffic, most leads and most conversion. And well talk about that in the upcoming episodes.

Sure. Yeah the MCC is definitely good for that. It’s flexible enough where like you know, you said you’re not managing accounts but a client can provide read only access in those situations. For someone to just report back and actually not doing any actual management and changing a bit of ads and things like that.


All right. Cool. Well this is the types of stuff that we’ve talk about in our mastermind group. If you want to learn more about us, you can visit cromastermind.com.

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