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Web Design & Ecommerce -Improve Sales & Generate More Leads

Alex Designs LLC has been helping websites make more money online since 2004.

Customers Are Talking About Us…

test-bryanAlex has been one of our secret weapons for many years. Many of the great conversion results we got with clients was Alex executing on our advice. Of course clients loved him and you will too if you need better results from your design.

Alex is one of the best at what he does. Knows how to design to get the highest conversions. He is our first choice for all of our SEO, design, and marketing needs.

We would hire Alex again without any hesitation. He does exceptional work.

Conversion Rate Optimization, Landing Page Web Design & A/B Testing – Consultant & Web Agency

Our focus is on helping clients get the best web design while improving conversions. We do this in a 5 step process: 1) Discovery 2) Hypothesis 3) Execute 4) Review and 5) Scale. Most of our projects start with custom landing pages and conversion funnel testing. Each client know exactly how we are going to design the pages, because we wireframe each screen before creating a color photoshop mockup. Once the mockup is appproved, our team also creates the HTML/CSS, beta prototype or integrates into your system like WordPress, Magento, NetSuite, Volusion, Shopify or BigCommerce. We help you improve your conversion rates, generate more leads and drive more traffic. Read testimonials or learn more about Alex Harris.

Why I’m Not a Growth Hacker

31 May
Im Not a Growth Hacker

Today is Saturday, so I slept in. Checked my favorite Twitter list and read a tweet from Sean Ellis called “Growth Hacking Helps Start-ups Boost Their Users” in the online Wall Street Journal. I didn’t read the article yet, just starred it for later. Then noticed another tweet, same article different headline… How growth hacking, […]

Conversion Rate Optimization w/ ConvertXL

27 May

Peep Laja, Co-Founder at ConversionXL gives his definition of Conversion Rate Optimization Doing stuff better and getting more results out of whatever you are doing right now. If you are trying to sell stuff, optimization will hep you do it better. Why should you optimize your website? I mean why are you in business? Optimization […]

Conversion Rate Optimization Definition

26 May

MICHAEL AAGAARD from ContentVerve gives his definition of Conversion Rate Optimization Michael, what is your definition of optimization? That’s a really good and interesting question. I’ve never been asked that before. I’m pretty happy you asked me, because it makes me think more about what it is that I do, actually. There’s got to be […]

CRO not SEO – Website Optimization

25 May

Rich Page, Author of Website Optimization – An Hour A Day So many people Conversion Rate Optimization really is. Particularly the small business community. Most sites think it all about driving traffic as possible. Trying to optimizing website so it converts more of visitors that traffic you are already receiving into sales or lead, without […]