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What People Are Saying About AlexDesigns

test-bryanAlex has been one of our secret weapons for many years. Many of the great conversion results we got with clients was Alex executing on our advice. Of course clients loved him and you will too if you need better results from your design.

lifesize division of logitech
Alex and his team take the time to understand your business and needs and evaluate options before presenting them to you, which as a busy person I completely appreciate! They bring multiple options and talk you through the scenarios and what would be best for you. Highly recommend for developing your website, landing pages and optimization strategy.

Lead Generation Small Business
Alex redesigned our lead generation landing page and increased the conversion rates by 5x. The resulting revenue more than offset the cost for hiring his team!

Ecommerce, Landing Pages and WordPress – Increase Conversion Rates & Generate More Leads

Our goal is to help clients get the best web design while improving conversions. Each client knows exactly how we are going to design the pages, because we wireframe each screen before creating a colour Photoshop mock-up. Once the mock-up is approved, our team also creates the HTML/CSS and then implements it into your content management system like WordPress, Magento, NetSuite, Volusion, Shopify or BigCommerce. We help you improve your conversion rates, generate more leads and drive more traffic. Read testimonials or learn more about Alex Harris.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software: What You Need to Know

31 Oct
Overview about Shopify Ecommerce

Ecommerce shopping cart software is an integral part of ecommerce business. The tool enables an online shopper to gather a selection of merchandize or goods over a time frame. Typical examples of such merchandize include goods, digital downloads, or services. A shopper is provided with options to add items to a shopping cart or remove […]

Knowing When To Use Qualitative And Quantitative Analytics

30 Oct

There are a number of methods that are incredibly important to understand when you are conducting market research campaigns. The two most common methods are quantitative and qualitative analytics, with each method having its own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the size of your business, as well as the amount of information that you want […]

Five Ways You Can Improve Your A/B Testing

29 Oct

There are a lot of confusing terms to keep track of when it comes to managing your business, especially when it comes to the online aspect of it. Whether you are trying to increase your conversion optimization rate or simply want to increase the traffic on your website, there is a lot of information to […]